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Your FTTC Hardware Setup

Just thought I would create a new topic to find out exactly what hardware everyone is using with their FTTC connections and maybe get a few reviews in the process.

I know when I order my FTTC upgrade that Openreach will supply a VDSL2 Openreach modem and that I will have to provide my own router in order to make my home connection accessible by other WiFi devices.

On that note I was originally tempted by the Asus RT-AC66U which I've read is a decent router but also seen that there was a combi option in the form of the Asus DSL-AC68U which would mean that I wouldn't have the need for the seperate Openreach modem but have been put off by the bad reviews saying that many users are experiencing drop outs with the built in modem.

What hardware combinations does everyone out there use or recommend?
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