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Long Sutton & Gedney / Broadgate area faster speeds

I moved into the area some two years ago finding that the broadband was somewhat very slow and basic. This has been a real problem at times especially when I have to report very slow downloads less than 1 mb. This has been investigated numerous times with lots of errors in the lines. The speed was up to about 3 mb after I'd been here for a few months but for the last year it's not been much over 1 mb.
When are we going to be upgraded I have heard early next year, but not sure whether we will be included. Even if it was 5 mb that would do especially as I work from home using the network to connect to work.
Anybody else know more on this upgrade and if this will happen.
Good Morning Alex,

Thanks for taking time to write in.

The whole area you describe falls within Phase 6 of this project and on that basis, you can expect to see upgrades between April 2015 and September 2015. as we get closer to the start date, we will carry out detailed surveying and from there, we will have a clearer view of when each cabinet will be completed.

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