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Cabinet 2 at Newtoft


I was just wondering whether we could still expect our cabinet to be upgraded in Newtoft (LN8 3NL), as the information on the Openreach website has recently changed from "Coming Soon - November 2014" to "Under Review". Does this mean that something might have been discovered recently which might stop us from getting an FTTC connection?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks,
Good Morning Daryl,

The postcode you have provided falls within Phase 4 of this project and will be upgraded between now and the end of March 2015.
Realistically, I think it will be early in the New Year and we will have a clearer view in early January re. actual completion dates.

Cabinet 2 isn't where you might think it is Daryl. It's actually located in Faldingworth over 3.5km away. The box on the corner by the telephone box is just a distribution cabinet Case of keep watching this space. :-)
Thanks Graham, I didn't realise that :-)
Yes, it was a big shock to me too when it was pointed out where it was located (on another forum). One second. thinking we'll be getting fast speeds but another, the realisation that it won't improve much if the fibre cabinet stays in Faldingworth. We really need the fibre cabinet to be located by the phone box (as a minimum) to be of any use.

I do know that if they haven't made up their mind fairly soon (i.e. March), I shall be jumping for the wireless setup via Quickline. Seems they can now provide a connection (at up to 50mb/s) even if you don't have line of sight (I've had them round twice before and each time it was a wood in the way and a no go.) They seem pretty confident they can provide it now. The only big drawback is the increase in the connection fee (shame they don't spread it out over the life of the contract). One reason I shall wait a while to see how things play out but if the BT upgrade isn't a go, I shall just have to pay it. Drifting around at 1.47mb/s (my speedtest results) and paying lots of money for so little to BT is no longer an option.
Good Morning

BT are planning to build a new cabinet in Newtoft as they are aware that it is currently too far away from the village – this will be fed from the existing cabinet at Faldingworth.
Which forum is it and perhaps I could post on this so that everyone is aware that a solution is being provided?

Kind regards
Thanks for that info Naomi. Do you have an expected time scale or is this on the 'to do' list, as and when? Does that mean that fibre would be laid all the way to Newtoft?

The forum was You might find it better to start a new thread with Newtoft as a subject as my original post was more about expected speeds etc. They have a section for "Broadband Not-spots & slow-spots"
Good Morning

I've asked BT about this and the solution is currently being planned so we don't have a time scale for you yet unfortunately. We'll try to keep you updated on this


On the website I see that Openreach are down to LOCATE AND CLEAR DUCT BLOCKAGES IN VERGE between Faldingworth and towards Newtoft.

Does this mean that a decision has been made on bringing fibre to Newtoft?
If so, do you have any time scale?

Thank you

btw, I did try the wireless route again but it seems the hype is more than what can currently be delivered in real life.
Good Morning Graham,

I will ask BT for the latest and update this site later this week.

And ??? The date is everything to most people waiting. Any update would be more than welcomed. Indeed, there might even be cheering and flag waving in the streets!

And why the lack of info on Openreach's website checker? I'd like to think that both and Openreach are doing some actual planning together and already know the expected installation date. After all, not only are we paying the bill but you say they are building a new cabinet....

Just to say (on Openreach) that this area is in an enabled (superfast) area and worse, to keep on checking, is a total waste of everyone's time and smacks of incompetence on the planning section. It really is time everyone got their act together.
Latest from Openreach website.

This doesn't look good at all for Newtoft.

Exchange name: Wickenby

Status: Under Review

We're in your area but we're still assessing whether or not we can upgrade your cabinet. This means you can't order Superfast Fibre.

It's already been under review, so yet another review..............
Good Morning Graham

As far as this programme is concerned, the cabinet is being built. There is no review.

That's good to hear Stephen. Just seems strange that just over a fortnight ago, the under review wasn't there. Suddenly popped up.
Good morning,

Great to hear that this is still going ahead :)

Is there any indication of when BT think the cabinet might be stood or a rough completion date that is being worked towards?

Thanks in Advance!
Morning Daryl

Apologies but we have no further information about this cabinet expect that it is 'in the engineers work stack.' This means that the job has been allocated.

The cabinet is due to be enabled by the end of this month but there may be a delay in this as the fibre is being taken a lot closer to the community than originally planned which will mean more work for the engineers. On a positive note this will mean really good speeds for the village.

We cannot chase cabinets until they become delayed as available resource unfortunately does not allow for this.

This work will be completed as part of the programme. Please bear with us so that between all involved parties we can arrive at the best solution for you.

Kind regards
Hi Naomi,

Excellent, thanks for getting back to me. It's good to hear that progress is being made and great to hear that the fibre is being brought closer to the village.

I must have misunderstood as I thought this was delayed, due to it being pencilled in for Phase 4. But regardless it's great to know that it's in hand.

Thanks again,
Hi Daryl

We have this cab for enablement in Phase 5 but I understand that there was a slight rearrangement at the beginning of the programme when some extra money from ERDF was added. It may have shifted in the plan at this stage. Please keep an eye on the updates page and sign up to the fortnightly newsletter and we'll hopefully be able to update further after the end of this month

Well, this is looking promising, new roadworks in Newtoft just gone up on

Location : Jnc Fairfax Close to S/O No. 9 Alexandria Road PCP 3

Works Start: 14 Jul End: 27 Jul

Bit later than end of June but certainly welcomed.

That's good to hear Graham, thanks for sharing that!

For some reason that one doesn't show up when I search the map, just other local works.

It's always nice to see a little bit of progress, at least we know it will arrive sometime in the near future.
Seems v.6(or v7) is now just plain

Just checked again.

Roadworks, delays unlikely
14 Jul - 27 Jul
Alexandria Road, Newtoft,...

Information for Operational Teams
Highway Authority: Lincolnshire County Council
Location: Jnc Fairfax Close to S/O No. 9 Alexandria Road PCP 3
Works ref: BC005WP00400500178150700
Current status: Advanced planning
Work info last updated: 07:05 on 01/07/2015
Last updated on 18:00 on 07/07/2015
Data source: BT

Now then, form an orderly queue ;-)
Well we've got a nice new shiny green cabinet. Any idea as to how long it is before it goes on stream? Or is the works by BT in Faldingworth (install ducts) part of the whole?

Good Morning Graham.

We are doing a considerable amount of work in the area to feed the cabinet you mention and we are hoping to complete this before the end of August.

We will have a further update at the end of next week.

Thanks for the info Stephen. It is much appreciated.
Having just checked the Openreach website and found it still a no go for placing an order, I take it that until Wickenby No.2 gets power, we at Newtoft just have to wait?

Very frustrating to say the least. When one considers how long this has been in the pipeline, I just cannot understand how a power supply has been left out of the equation / planning ......... It's not as if it the first ever cabinet. It should have all been done at the same time.

November? Maybe then............ after all, once there is power on, BT then have to test the cabinets out for at least a couple of weeks (from what I've read elsewhere).
It is slightly disappointing, especially as BT / Openreach had booked to do the work a while ago on the website.

I saw an update a couple of weeks ago on the weekly update list to say there was an issue with cable lengths or something so maybe there was an oversight on their part with that.

I do take a lot of comfort in the fact that we have a nice new cabinet in place now and in the scheme of things another month or so isn't too bad, considering how long we have waited so far (plus how long we would still be waiting for if the lovely OnLincolnshire and BDUK people hadn't come along).
Getting there!......
Roadworks, delays likely 26 Oct - 30 Oct
A46 Lincoln Road, Faldingworth,...
Responsibility for these works
Northern Powergrid (Yorkshire) PLC
Information for Road Users
Location: A46 Lincoln Road, Faldingworth, Lincolnshire
Traffic lights, etc: Traffic control (two-way signals)
Information for Operational Teams
Highway Authority: Lincolnshire County Council
Location: Opposite 1
Description: New Connections - Excavate 20m in footpath, 10m in carriageway and 50m in the verge for installation of cable to support the BT kiosk

Daryl Griss
plus how long we would still be waiting for if the lovely OnLincolnshire and BDUK people hadn't come along

So true Daryl.
Seems been looking at the wrong cabinet. Thanks for the heads up Onlincolnshire.

Signed up already. Game changer? It will be if the speed matches what they say I'll get.

So many choices of ISP's out there too .......... And so many deals!

Thanks and well done to Onlincolnshire and BDUK.
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