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Martin exchange

Hi, When are we getting super fast broadband in Martin LN4?
Good Morning Cheryl,

Thanks for writing in to us.

Martin Exchange area is due to be covered and upgraded during Phase 6 of this project, so you can expect to see upgrades between April and September of this year.

As we move closer to that date, we will carry out detailed surveying and from there, we will get a clearer view of exactly when you can expect to see improvements.

Please keep in touch and we will be happy to update you as we move forward.


Can I assume that if Timberland are told that their cabinets are fed from the Martin Exchange and at the end of March I notice that a there is a comment that work should be completed in 2 weeks that Martin should also be online with super fast broadband at the same time?
Good Morning Paul.

Martin Cabinet 1 went 'Live' on 1st April and Cabinet 2 is due by the end of June.

To see which cabinet you are fed from, you will need to check the BT DSL Checker (link below) and then see what your Internet Service Provider can offer.

Good Morning Paul,

Martin Cabinet 1 was upgraded on 1st April and Martin Cabinet 2 i8s due by 30th June. You will need to check which cabinet you are fed from via BT's DSL checker (link below) and from there, contact your Internet Service Provider to see what they can offer you.


I have entered my phone number on the DSL checker & it still says I can get only upto 8mb via adsl. There is no mention of a connection via fibre despite it saying on this website that my cabinet has been enabled.
Good Morning Cheryl,

Can you please send me your full address, landline number and postcode (in confidence) to my E Mail below and I will look into it.

I have been advised by BT this week that you just have to keep on checking as to when the can get Fibre on the Martin Exchange.
Good Afternoon Paul,

Cabinet 2 off Martin Exchange includes what were previously Exchange Only lines. Unfortunately, when these types of cabinets go 'Live' the records aren't always in synch. with the systems and it can take a week or so later before you are able to place your order.
As BT advised, probably worth checking every couple of days, but it will be available soon.

I contacted BT and this is the response I got from them which is not very helpful.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

You are connected to MARTIN exchange directly and not through a cabinet (an EO line)

We are continuing to build our network to cover many more areas all the time. We believe this is the fastest rollout of this type anywhere in the world.

Rest assured we are doing everything we can to deliver service as soon as we can.

We appreciate that this is frustrating, however, the government BDUK project have plans to bring fibre into your area so please visit (which covers non-rural addresses also) for an update. It’s where we publish the very latest fibre coverage information and we update it weekly.

We hope this can help you understand that we have a real commitment to delivering superfast broadband to the people and businesses of Britain.

We are sorry that we have not yet provided you with this service.
Not very helpful is an understatement. The boxes have been installed for months now, and every so often there is a BT engineer working on them, but never any progress.
Do you have any updates as to when we are getting faster broadband? I'm not getting anywhere with BT!
We seem to have gone from not available to high demand, but as I check every day, I don't recall the opportunity of placing an order.
Finally we have or at least I have managed to order Superfast broadband
Finally been able to order superfast broadband!
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