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Honington Exchange

before Christmas the BT Openreach site gave details on when each exchange would go live. Honington was due Dec 14th. Prior to that date the site dropped that spreadsheet to show only those exchanges accepting orders. Does anyone have an update as to the progress at Honington? A significant number of us are seriously considering the alternatives (satellite and line of sight) because of the complete lack of information. Best guess is 6 months, but 6 months from when? November (which is when I first saw that) or today, February? Any ideas??
Good Afternoon Mike

Apologies for the difference in information provided for you but the Honington cabinets are due for enablement in phase 5 of the project which runs between now and the end of June. You can check the website for updates (under the Project update page)

Please sign up to our newsletter which we send fortnightly - this includes lists of completed cabinets so you will know when the cabinet has been enabled and if it happens to be enabled early.

I will ask BT about their updates too and try and get our information to line up.

Many thanks
Just to say that cabinets 2 and 3 are now live which is good news for all those in that exchange.

Rather perplexing that Honington was in phase 5 and Fulbeck was in phase 6 as Fulbeck is nearly three times the size of Honington.
Good Afternoon Edward,

When we looked at the deployment across the county, one of the key objectives was value for money in terms of deployment costs. In order to achieve this, we allowed BT to build out from existing infrastructure rather than start at the the end points and work back. This is standard practice in Industry.

On that basis, we are confident that we achieved the best result in terms of the deployment strategy, but in attempting to do so, difference in size of respective communities wasn't the primary driver.


Hello. I noticed that a new Green Cabinet has been installed in Honington. Can anyone here let me know when a better Broadband Service will be available and how will that information be given to people.

What do we need to do next in order to avail ourselves of this improved service - do we need to get a new router?
Good Morning Chris,

Thanks for taking time to write to us.

In order for me to give you a more accurate response, can you please provide me with your full address, postcode and landline number to me E Mail address below and I will get back to you with a little more detail.



just a quick query into whether the Honington Exchange is on course for completion end of June?

I live at Hough on the Hill, a green cabinet has been in place for a few months but nothing has happened to it since?
Good Afternoon Peter,
Honington Exchange is generally running to plan but the cabinet you refer I believe to be Cabinet No. 603 off Honington Exchange and this cabinet has been delayed due to issues around a power connection. This has now been resolved and the latest I have is that a power connection is due to be provided on 8th July. From there, we should see the cabinet fully completed by the end of July at the latest.

All other work is done, but following power connection, it will need to be tested and certified and then passed to the Internet Service Providers. There is generally a two week gap from the time it goes to the providers and it being available to the Public, hence my comments re. the end of July.

As soon as it goes 'Live' we will update our website (normally on a Friday afternoon) and at that point, you can contact your provider.

Our apologies for the ongoing delay, but the power supply was an unforeseen issue.

Regards Steve
HI Stephen,

Brilliant, many thanks for the update.
I live at Hough on the Hill too, but cannot get any information from bt's web site about what cab I am connected to, or whether there are any plans by bt to provide faster connection.
Can we confirm that Honington 603 is the one directly outside the exchange?
If so I wonder why it is taking so long to get this up and running ?- power supplies to it must be very easy indeed there are surely many utilities running alongside.
Could someone please provide a reliable date as to when this might be up and running. WThe July 8th date mentioned above has come and gone.

I have read somewhere that it may be as late as December now - where the other Honington Cabinet seemingly is operational if not now but soon.

Any firm information would be apprecaited
Hello Chris,

Apologies for any conflicting information you have received in the past, I will try to clarify the current situation for you.
Honington 603 is not in Honington, it actually feeds Hough on the Hill and Gelston and went live recently.

The cabinet you are refering to does not yet have a number on our deployment plan and is referred to as "R1"; internally BT Openreach will have assigned it a number by now (likely to be Honington 4) so I will chase them up to check this so that you know which cabinet you are looking out for in the weekly update list.

Whilst the other Honington cabinets are all phase 5, R1 is actually due for deployment in phase 7 so will be live sometime between now and the end of Decemeber.

Thank you Owen for the update - I will look out for 'Honington 4' in the updates - seems a shame as it is so close to the exchange that it hasn't been activated sooner - quite a bit of disappointment in our household (three children getting excited for the possibilities) -

Out of interest does this mean that all Honington phone lines need to be connected up to this new cabinet - which is then in turn connected via fibre to the exchange
Hello - is there any more news about 'Honington 4' or 'R1" at all?
The new one outside the exchange in Honington village itself
Good Morning Chris,

We are looking to complete this cabinet sometime towards the end of October. As we get closer to that date, we will get a clearer view of when it will complete.

Please do keep in touch and we will be happy to update you as we progress.

Thank you Stephen, we look forward to seeing the Open Reach vans outside!

Out of interest how does it work? - fibre cables from the exchange to the cabinet, but then where do our twisted pairs connect to the fibre exactly. My sons keep asking
according to the BT checker its saying that:
'FTTC' range A and B are 'AVAILABLE' and
FIBRE MULTICAST is available -

does this mean we can order a new router from our ISP now?
Good Morning Chris.

We build a new cabinet as close to the existing as possible. the new cabinet houses the electronics that are currently in the Exchange under the existing system. We connect the fibre from the Exchange to the new cabinet and then run a 'Tie' cable (copper cable) between the old and new cabinets. This cable connects the electronics in the new cabinet to the copper cable feeding your property. The fibre at the Exchange passes through the smaller Exchanges and is connected back to a larger (Parent) Exchange.

In essence, we have moved the electronics closer to the end user and reduced the length of copper in the system with a resulting increase in speed.

Hi Chris,

If FTTC is showing as available, you should be good to order now.

Hello - can anyone tell me officially whether the Honington new cabinet (outside the exchange) is accepting orders for Fibre Broadband?

On my ISP website it is allowing me to order it - and an engineer is coming round to fit it in early November but I'm still not 100% certain that the new cabinets are up and running yet, so I worry that the engineer will come and say it's not ready yet.
HI Chris,

BT confirmed it completed on 14th October so it is safe to assume it is now up and running.

why dont they tell people in the village? - leaflets etc or a poster?
Good Morning Chris

Thanks for your message

There should be a sticker on the cabinet saying that this has been enabled. We do have posters and leaflets if you would like to distribute these? We publish the information on our website and newsletter and do contact parish councils when we have the available capacity, but on occasion this is not possible. Residents in Lincolnshire are currently being advised to contact their isps by means of radio adverts, newspaper articles and bus ads.

Please email me at if you'd like me to send you some media.

Kind regards
Just to say thank you to all concerned - we recently joined up and now have speeds of 38Mbs - quite amazing for us.

Regrading publicising - theres no sticker thats obvious on the cabinet like I see elsewhere ('superfast broadband is here) for example but word of mouth is working pretty well anyway

I live outside of Hough on the Hill near Brandon but am not sure what 'Honington' exchange I belong to. Could you please tell me what exchange NG322AN is attached to and when it goes live.

Many thanks Gareth
Good Afternoon Gareth,
Your postcode is fed from Honington Exchange and via Cabinet 1. This cabinet has already been completed, but we do know that Brandon didn't benefit from this upgrade due to distance from the cabinet.
However, we are currently looking at Brandon to see if we can upgrade under a secondary phase to the programme and hope to have more news on this as we move into Spring. Regards steve
Good Afternoon Gareth,
Your postcode is fed from Honington Exchange and via Cabinet 1. This cabinet has already been completed, but we do know that Brandon didn't benefit from this upgrade due to distance from the cabinet.
However, we are currently looking at Brandon to see if we can upgrade under a secondary phase to the programme and hope to have more news on this as we move into Spring. Regards steve
Hello all,

We're a WiFi Hotspot company trying to get an improved data service for the caravan park at Marston. Currently we're relying on a satellite data provision because there is no adequate broadband provision.

We were recently told by BT that an order for fibre could be accepted so we ordered a new line and fibre broadband. The engineers were unable to activate a reliable service - just too far from the cabinet - so the service was cancelled.

We know we would be fed from cabinet 1 on the Honington exchange. I'd be very interested to learn of any improvements to the service for this cabinet that would enable a fibre or even sub-fibre service that we can use to deliver a faster service for our customers.
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