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Is Haconby nearer super fast?

There has been lots of activity in the Bourne / Haconby area over the last few weeks. Openreach engineers told me in December they were busy connecting the Haconby cabinet to fibre yet Haconby (nor Bourne) is not listed in the cabinet updates on OnLincolnshire website.
Can anyone advise when the connection will be live?
Good Afternoon Robert,

Thanks for taking time to write to us.

The Bourne area is scheduled to be completed in Phase 7 of this project, so between June and December of this year. We are carrying out preparatory work across the area and where possible, we will complete cabinets early, but at this time, we are still sticking with the original schedule.

With regard to updates on the website, we do have a very significant number of cabinets within the programme, so we tend to update on cabinets that are either complete or are experiencing delays.

Please do keep in touch and we will be happy to update you as we move forward.

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