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Sutton on Sea Exchange (SLSU) multicast dates

Hi, I had BT infinity1 installed on 16th Jan two weeks ago, my speed is great at 39.9mbps. I signed up for BT entertainment plus 20 extra channels assuming I would get the package as the BT adverts said I could. After installation I could not find the extra channels or BT sport on my Smart t.v.
I assumed it was my fault and tried for two days using different settings etc. Eventually I contacted BT who said I could not have the Entertainment package as, even though I had Infinity1 the Sutton Exchange had not been converted to Fibre Multicast, it only had Copper Multicast which cannot transmit the Extra TV channels.
BT initially said the Essential TV package they had reduced me to was the same price !!! After some heated discussion they reduced the monthly cost by a few pounds.
They say that the exchange should ? be converted on May 31st but cannot guarantee this. Also they will not supply the original Entertainment package at the price I bought it at on 2nd Jan as it was a sale price,
I feel conned by BT as I could have simply had Infinity1 with my existing supplier for a fraction of the BT cost, I only changed to get Bt Sport and Eurosport on my T.V.

Bt blame OpenReach for the delay, however OpenReach are a part of BT.

Beware of signing up to BT's Entertainment Package until Fibre Multicast is available, it is not the same as Superfast Broadband or Infinity1/2.
I would be pleased to hear from anyone else having the same problem.
An update ref Fibre Multicast in Sutton on Sea. It appears that it is available from Skegness up to Chapel St Leonards, but then is not available until Cleethorpes 30 + miles up the coast. Inland.
Alford is not enabled but Louth is. This means roughly 240 square miles of the Lincolnshire coast is not Fibre-Multicast enabled and cannot receive the full BT package advertised e.g. the extra channels and BT sport on their T.V..

Infinity 1 or 2 is not all you need, your exchange MUST be Fibre Multicast enabled.

If anyone in the "dead" area has managed to get the channels/BT sport on T.V. please tell me. I would dearly like to be proved wrong.
Hi Barry

We've asked BT about this and they say that they will be enabling Fibre Multicast in May 2015. If you enter your details into the DSL checker the fibre multicast completion date appears at the bottom of the checker.

Hope this helps
Kind regards
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