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Birchwood Cabinet 72

Hello, just wondered if there was any news when Birchwood Cabinet 72 might get upgraded? it is in Phase 4 I see, but no sign of any new shiny cabinet yet :)

Hi David

Thanks for your message. We unfortuantly don't have an update for you at present as this cabinet is not yet overdue and we are not chasing progress reports. Hopefully the cabinet will not be overdue and will be completed by the end of March as planned but if not, we can provide weekly updates for you from this stage.

Please sign up to our newsletter which we send fortnightly - this includes lists of completed cabinets so you will know when the cabinet has been enabled

You can also check our website for project updates on Friday afternoons to see when your cab goes live.

Kind regards

Just wanted to follow up on my original posting regarding Birchwood Cabinet 72. I have been following progress on the weekly reports and the cabinet is now stood in position which is good to see. Any news when it is likely to be connected to the network? I know the original estimate was during July. I see there is some sort of wayleave issue mentioned this week, so hoping this isn't going to delay things too much?

Good Afternoon David,

BT tell us that the network is now proven, but the only delay sits around a Wayleave. In theory, these are normally relatively easy to resolve, but in a worst case scenario, it can take several months.
Hopefully, it will turn out to be the easy version, but we will get more next week.

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