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Friskney Cabinets

What has happened to Friskney Cabinet 1, 2 weeks ago all 4 cabs were mentions as cabinet being sited, last week cabs 2 and 4 were going to be enabled this week cab 3 is enabled.

can you give us an update plz
Good Morning Tim,

All Friskney cabinets are imminent and being worked upon, but we have sent a request to BT this morning for the latest on Cabinet 1 and as soon as we get a response, we will update the forum.

Thanks for your continued patience.

Good morning

We've had an update from BT as follows:

"This cabinet is waiting on power, no date set but is targeted for completion by end of March."

We're hoping that this will be enabled sooner than the end of March, but it is a Phase 4 cabinet and Phase 4 does span until this time.

Kind regards
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