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NG33 connection


This area is part of Phase 5 which id due between Jan-Jun 2015. Are there any progress reports please? Thanks.
Good Morning Martin,

Thanks for writing in.

I agree with your comments that parts of NG33 are included in Phase 5 but there are some parts that fall within Phase 6.

Would you please be kind enough to send me your full address, postcode and landline number (In confidence) to my E Mail address below and I can look into your address in greater detail and provide a more accurate view on progress.


Do you have any updates please
Good Morning Martin,

From memory, I believe you are fed from Buckminster Exchange and via Cabinet No. 1. This cabinet went 'Live' on Friday and you should now be able to contact your Internet Service Provider to see what upgrades they can offer.
Regards Steve
Hi there,

My reply doesn't appear to have been posted. I have checked my broadband speed and the fastest I got was 3.2Mbps for about an hour before it tailed off to 0.5Mbps then back to the usual 1.5. This doesn't represent any kind of improvement in broadband speed. In order to achieve higher speeds is there something else I need to be doing? Does it need activating in some way by my ISP for example? I couldn't see why it would though.

If this is the best I'm likely to get then it's been a very disappointing end to a very long wait.

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