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Witham Saint Hughs

I am moving into Witham Saint Hughs next month. So far, I just seem to have found bad news about connection speeds - can anyone recommend anything at all to me? (Except for don't move in!)
Many thanks!
Good Morning Neil,

Thanks for writing in.

Can you please provide me the full address, postcode and if you have it, a landline number for Witham St Hughs and I will take a look.

Please send your details (In confidence) to my E Mail below.

I am also in the stages of buying a brand new build of Cheshire Lane in Witham, however I don't have a postcode as of yet. I am really concerned about what I am reading with regards to the dreadful Broad Band speeds for this area. On the site from BT it states 24% of Witham will not get super fast BB! I am now considering not purchasing my home in Witham. I would rather pull out now than to buy and move back into the dark ages.... Why is it so poor here and will everyone get super fast BB? I don't mind waiting for it but I want to no if it will definitely be available to everyone.
Good Morning Paul,

Can you please provide more details of the property address and I will take a look for you. Please E Mail to

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