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Toynton All Saints Fenside

I would like to know when will we get fibre? also what sort of speed am i likely to get from it?
Good morning Rikki

Please could you send through your full address to and we can check this for you.

Kind regards

Hi Rikki,

I'm also Toynton All Saints Fenside, see my post here.

All of Toynton All Saints and Fenside are served by Spilsby Cabinet 7, which is located here,0.07975 - it is your distance from this that will determine your speed. OnLincolnshire gave me an estimate of around 10mb for our location.

The new cabinet is in place and I was told they were expecting it to be completed by the end of March which means we should be able to order fibre beginning of April.

Not sure I will bother yet as we get nearly 4mb with TalkTalk LLU and I think it's an extra £10 for fibre.

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