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Fulbeck Excahnge

Would it be possible to give any indication as to the timescales and/or progress for Fulbeck Exchange as we have had a new cabinet, High Street Brant Broughton, for about 2 months.
Many thanks
Good morning Andrew

Thank you for your correspondence in relation to the programme. Fulbeck cabinet 3 is due to be enabled in phase 5, before the end of June this year. We publish lists of completed cabinets on Friday afternoons on our website so you will know when it has been enabled. We also send a fortnightly newsletter which includes completed cabinets lists

Kind regards
Hi Naomi

Can you provide an better indication as I assume you have agreed a schedule of works?
I have a waiting to launch a cloud based business, if it is going to be 3 months+ then I will have to arrange alternative office space.

Dear Andrew

Our schedule of works is based on 6 month slots in which certain cabinets will be enabled (we reserve the right to move these around if faced with engineering difficulties or traffic management issues) We are, however, finding that the majority of cabinets in a phase are being enabled towards the end of each quarter, so most will come in towards the end of September.

We cannot, unfortuantly, provide updates on cabinets that are not delayed, but this cabinet is due to be completed within your three month time frame at present.

Kind regards
We are in the same situation in Caythorpe Andrew- new cabinets installed but no firm information on when they will be enabled. A real shame since the exchange is relatively large and did get a relatively high percentage of sign ups in the initial phase of the project. I hope there is a reconsideration of the current policy of not talking about a cabinet's progress unless it's overdue from OnLincolnshire.
Good afternoon

We will unfortunately not be reconsidering this in the future. With over 800 structures to be built within this project, providing updates for future works is impossible as we simply do not have the available resource.

Whilst we will always try to provide as much information as possible, we cannot afford to chase the status of individual cabinets.

Also, the flexibility provided to our supplier within a 6 month slot has enabled us to make the most of funds available.

Please check the website on Friday afternoons for information or sign up to our newsletter

Kind regards
Just to say that three or four cabinets in Caythorpe and Fulbeck are now accepting fibre orders. Much as the man in our Post Office stated two months ago (he stated June)- kudos to Richard for supplying this information to my fellow villagers and I.

So my top tip for the day is if you have a Post Office in your village then ask as they seem to be able to provide detailed timescales of when a particular area will be fibre enabled.
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