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Long Sutton Exchange

Great to see that works have started earlier than predicted on the Long Sutton Exchange. Do you have any idea when cabinet 10 is due to be stood?
Good Morning Gary,

Thanks for taking time to write to us.

We are trying to get a little ahead of the game and whilst we have a completion date for Long Sutton of 30th September at the latest, we are looking to complete earlier if possible. It's early days there at the moment, but I will get a much clearer view of expected completion dates as we move towards the end of this month.
please do keep in touch and we will be happy to keep you updated.

How can I find out what cabinet I am connected to, I live in Gedney Dyke which I was informed will be part of the Phase 6 roll out.

Hi Graham,

Oddly enough, I have this minute finished communicating with a gentleman re. Gedney Dyke. I reckon it's fed via Cabinet No. 10, but if you can provide your full address, postcode and landline number (In confidence) to my E Mail address below, I should be able to confirm this.

Hi Steve,

Thank you and I will send details

Kind Regards
Hi, any time frame on when cabinet 1 is going to be done?

Kind regards
Hi William,

Cabinet 1 is looking to be delivered in September of this year. If we can get an early finish on it, we will, but at this point, we are looking at sometime in September.


Any update news on long Sutton exchange cab 10? When I registered an interest during a phone call with BT , the lady said the interest in your cab 10 area was very low, does this mean it may get skipped or put to the back of the job list?

I literally live 30-40ft away from cab 10 and currently only receive 1.60mbps at best :(
Good Morning Ashley

Thanks for taking time to write to us.

Long Sutton Cabinet 10 is in the programme and scheduled for completion before 30th September. I can't understand why BT are commenting on levels of interest as we are planning to update this cabinet at the same time as others in the area. As we move into the Summer, it is worth giving us another call and we should have a better idea when we will complete this cabinet.

Short of a major disaster, if you live that close to the cabinet, you should be looking at very high speeds.


Just a quick question really,
I live about 2-3 miles from the long Sutton exchange no1
I'm on about 100 kbps
Will upgrading the exchanges effect houses like mine so far from exchanges?
Or does the project include upgrading lines so we can get faster internet speeds.

Kind regards.
Good Morning Jack,

Thanks for writing in to us.

In order to help me look into this further for you, can you please send me your full address, postcode and landline number (in confidence) to my E Mail address below. From there, I can look into it.

Really encouraging to see the power supply ground works going on today in Gedney Dyke (Cab 10). Does this mean the cabinet will be stood in the near future? Here's hoping so!
Good Morning Gary,

Whilst we have said that 30th September is the target date, we are trying to bring some cabinets in sooner. We hope to have more news on Long Sutton as we move into June. Regards steve
Hi, any news on cabinet 1? I saw a cabinet near me that Was getting upgraded but don't no if it was mine, postcode pe120bt.

King regards
William Foyle
Good Morning William,

Your postcode does appear against cabinet No. 1.

This cabinet is scheduled to complete by 30th September and we will update the website as soon as this happens. We normally do this on a Friday afternoon.

Hi Stephen,

I can see cabinet 10 for Gedney Dyke as a label on it stating Fibre connected. However when I look on the BT website this has gone from CS (coming soon) to UR (under review) can you tell me if there are issues with this cabinet ?

Kind Regards,
Good Morning Graham,

Long Sutton Cabinet 10 is due for competion by 30th June and at this point, I have nothing from BT to suggest this will not happen.
Unfortunately, their website tends to look at what they are doing in their own commercial rollout and doesn't always accurately reflect what is happening within this programme.
As soon as it goes 'Live' we will update the website (normally on a Friday afternoon).

Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your reply and response. Will continue to check on Fridays as per normal just was surprised to see it change on BT website but as you state if this is not tied in with your updates then I shall ignore for now.

Kind Regards,
Hi, do you have any idea when cabinet 10 will be RFS please?
Thank you
John Smith
Hi John,

It's due before 30th September, but I know we are working in the area and we could see completion as early as the end of June. I will try to get a more accurate picture from BT when we meet later this week.


Hi, I am PE12 9DQ which I am told is Long Bennington 6 in Long Sutton are works progressing on this and is there an anticipated completion date for the faster broadband?

Many Thanks
Is cabinet 10 about to go live as we have received information from BT offering new superfast deals. This offer expires in a couple of weeks time - we will be able to order soon or have BT been a bit premature with the offer?
Best wishes
Good Morning

Unfortuantly this doesn't have any bearing on project process. This cabinet is still due before the end of September. Other ISPs will be available to purchase a product from too when the cabinet is enabled

Many thanks
Is it possible to have an update on cabinet 10 update please. There seems to be conflicting dates in this discussion thread.
Hi, any news on cabinet 1? Would really like to know any information about it.
Hi. any news for cabinet 1? thanks for any information.
Good William,

We are lookiing to deliver some Long Sutton cabinets by 30th June, but at this point inb time, Cab. 1 will be included in the latter stages of deployment within Phase 6.

Therefore, we will be looking to complete sometime between August and September. as we get closer to those dates, we will get a clearer view of expected completion dates.

Thank you for replying and for the information I'll ask again in a month or two time

Kind Regards
Hi, adding Gedney postcode to this website :
Shows that the status has now progressed from " enabled" to "accepting orders".. But BT today are querying this and saying that this isn't the case and that infinity will not be available until after December 31st and that one should "register interest"
This is exceptionally confusing and frustrating and conflicting information as the speeds experienced in this area are at best exceedingly slow at worse non existent and continually dropping out .... So who should we get believable updates from?
Good Morning Jackie,

Can you please send me your full address, postcode and landline number (in confidence) to my E Mail address below and I will look into it.

Hi I'm in a similar situation as on openreach web site it says (cab1) that your cabinet is enabled for superfast broadband and is accepting orders and to back this i"up it says the same on

And I also got an email saying you can now order super fast broadband. So is this information false?

Post code pe120bt
Good Morning William,

I haven't had the completions list through from BT as yet, but it is quite likely the cabinet has gone 'Live' during the week. We get the weekly updates on a Thursday and update our site on Friday, but if the DSL Checker is showing an FTTC range, then it's 'Live'.

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