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I notice that a new small green cabinet has appeared recently on Folkingham Road near to the old BT cabinet - does this mean that FTTC is coming to Pickworth?
Hi Anthony,

Thanks for writing in to us.

To enable me to answer your question more accurately, can you please provide your full address, postcode and landline number (In confidence) to my E Mail address below. I will then take a look and E Mail you back.

This sounds really positive news and will be VERY,VERY welcome by Pickworth residents. As I and a number of others work from a home office and therefore conference calling, email, Lync etc are the life blood of every day work we look forward to the day FTTC arrives..

Thanks and Regards

Mark Tucker
Very near Folkingham woo! Everytime I see a snippet on here (Osbournby and Billingborough) I get excited. Won't be long... saw the new cab in Osbournby surrounded by cones. ..
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