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Withern Cabinet 3

I have recently relocated to LN130JG, which is apparently served by Withern cab 3. The upgrade comes under Phase 5 which is due for completion in a weeks time. The broadband checker now suggests that the likelihood of getting high speed broadband at my postcode is approx 50/50.
My question is, when will I know whether I am in the good 50% or not, and is there any news on Withern upgrade as its so close to Phase 5 completion

Any info greatly appreciated

Good Morning Jon,

Thanks for writing into us.

I am told by BT that they expect to complete by the end of this month. Should they do so, we will update the website accordingly (normally on a Friday afternoon) and from there, you can access the BT DSL Checker from our page and see exactly what speed range you can get.

Thanks Steve - fingers crossed

So Withern cabinet 3 is delayed now.

Is there any information regarding the location of this cabinet as I have failed to find it on my scouting. I live in Beesby and consequently some distance from the exchange and only averaging 0.9mbps on adsl+ at present. Can anyone give me an indication of likely speed when we get FTTC ?

Good Morning Jon,

The cabinet is located on the B1373 about 200m South of the Junction with Whitethorn Way.

we can't really be sure about speeds until we complete the actual cabinet, but it is distance from the actual cabinet that is the critical factor.

Thanks again Steve. As I suspected - a long way to the cabinet. Just wanted to assess whether I need to investigate alternative solutions yet .

Hi Jon,

My mother lives in Beesby, so is the same position as you. Cab 3 was just made ready for service, but it seems it's basically at the exchange as I can't see it on Google Steetview at the above location, so that's disappointing, I assume that ADSL will actually be better than VDSL at that distance. :(

Have you looked at AB Internet?
Hi Alex

It is there - looks like a new cabinet installation - still a long way from Beesby tho. Waiting to see what it can deliver before making any serious alternative investigations (AB appears to be a viable option)

Not sure whats happening now. The weekly updates have stated on 7 Aug - cabinet 3 ready for service, 14 Aug cabinet 3 taking orders. However this is not consistent with Openreach web checker or BT themselves - both of which are stating that hi speed broadband is not available yet.

Could this be that, due to the distance from the cabinet to my property (approx. 3 miles), BT cannot offer the guaranteed min speed that infinity demands, OR the admin systems simply haven't caught up with reality yet.
Hi Jon

At over 3 miles you are unfortunately too far away from the cabinet. Speeds drop off at approximately 2.5km and your distance is over 4km. There are technologies which are becoming available which will take the fibre closer properties and you may be able to benefit from this in the future.

Have you considered Fixed Wireless - AB Internet provide coverage in your area

Apologies that you will not benefit from the programme as it stands - hopefully we'll be able to help in the future.

Kind regards

Hi Naomi and thanks for the quick response.

This is very disappointing news, and begs the question as to why that could have not been made known a lot sooner. The cabinet location and my property location haven't moved - so if the system can't support the distance in between, why have I wasted the last several months with baited breath.


Unhappy Lincs resident
Stephen / Naomi

Thankyou for your respective efforts to keep us informed, but their remains a number of unanswered questions which is making it difficult to reach a reasoned conclusion:

1. Why is this forum reporting that orders are being taken from Withern Cab 3, when BT are denying this and cant (or wont) indicate when orders will be taken ?

2. You are stating that I will not benefit from the current fibre rollout, but BT are stating that an enhanced 'faster broadband' could be available to those properties that are long distances from their cabinet and cant be offered Infinity. Who is right ?

3. When can we expect the 'new technologies' to be rolled out ?

4. Is there going to be any subsidy or contribution to the alternative ISPs to offset the increased cost of faster broadband provision for those of us that are (potentially) not benefitting from the current rollout programme,

Thanks in advance

Good Morning Jon,

BT confirmed the cabinet was complete on 12th August and it is on that basis that we reported it as ready to take orders. I will ask BT to clarify, but they have assured us it's complete.

You will derive no benefit from the current upgrade of Cabinet No.3 but we are looking at the possible use of new technologies that will provide faster broadband to those living further away from cabinets. We have a number of such cases at the moment and are looking at the feasibility of them as we speak.

Assuming feasibility/cost etc. we would look to start rolling out these new technologies in the Spring of 2016.

There will be no subsidy under this programme or the Phase 2 element that we will be starting in April 2016.


Hi Steve

Not what I wanted to her, but thanks for the update anyway.

Interestingly, I have now checked out the order status from a property on the same cabinet but much closer than me - and it IS accepting orders!! It would therefore seem that the openreach and BT checkers are giving out wrong and misleading information leading consumers like me to believe that the exchange is enabled, but the cabinet is awaiting commissioning. - clearly not the case.

OK so after concluding that the fibre roll out was of no benefit to me due to the distance from the cabinet, I have just had AB Internet out to survey / install their 25Mb service.

Problem solved ? No - there is no line of sight to their 'local' masts, so cannot utilise their service.

So looks like I, and all my fellow villagers in Beesby, are stuck with 0.9Mb for the time being. :(

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