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EO Line plans Greatford exchange

Hi Steve,

Could you please let me know what the plans are for enabling EO lines on the Greatford exchange and if applicable any progress updates on the PCP installation.


Good Morning Gareth,

All EO work on Greatford sits within Phase 7, so we will look to complete by 31st December. It's early days at the moment, in that the phase doesn't begin until 1st july. As we move further into the phase, we should get a clearer view of expected completion dates.

Hello Steve,

I would like to understand what the completion of phase 7 on the EO Greatford exchange will actually mean for residents in terms of improved broadband speeds? For example, will cabinets be installed at different points in the village so that we are no longer an EO exchange or will we continue to be serviced direct from the exchange? If the latter, does this mean we will be limited on speeds owing to our copper connection from the exchange to the home? If so, how can we work out (roughly) what speeds we will get after the upgrade. Could we get a rough idea by measuring our distance from the exchange and if so what deterioration "rule of thumb" should we use?
Good Morning Derek,

When we upgrade EO lines, we intercept the existing copper feed to the premises and build an old style cabinet where we terminate the copper cables. From there we build a new style cabinet (DSLAM) adjacent to it and connect in the same way we do with existing lines that go via cabinets. In effect, we convert the EO line into a line via a cabinet and then upgrade as normal.
On that basis, it's effectively twice the work as a normal upgrade and it is the copper element of the work that proves most time consuming.
Under the FTTC (VDSL) technolgy we are deploying, it is the distance between the new cabinet and the end user that is critical and not the distance from Exchange to end user.
I have sent you an indicative graph to your E Mail address for you to take a look at. It is the BT FTTC line that you need to look at and please remember this is indication only and several factors can affect you speed including the quality of the copper link and the internal set up of your broadband at home.
Thanks Steve,

That is very helpful, I look forward to receiving the graph. Would you envisage just one cabinet located close to the existing exchange in Greatford or would there need to be more than one cabinet installed? If more than one is needed do you have an idea where it would be most logical to put them?
Hello, Is there any update please, on the installation date at Greatford?
Good Morning Derek,

We are looking to complete the EO cabinets before the end of November but we will update as we get closer to the end of the month.

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