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Long Bennington Exchange - Allington Cabinet

It appears that the Allington cabinet and others in Long Bennington have been enabled ahead of schedule. However whilst my neighbours in the village are now able to get fibre broadband I am told by BT that it is not available to me. I live about 1 mile away from the cabinet.

I'd like to know if I will ever be able to get fibre or if i should be looking at alternative solutions.
Good Morning John,

Thanks for getting in touch.

In order for me to look into this in more detail, can you please send me your full address, postcode and landline number (in confidence) to my E Mail address below.

Hi Steve. Sometime ago you replied to my enquiry explaining that I was on an EO line. Are there any plans to upgrade this particular line? I think you said that it might be a case of seeking alternative solutions. However I would be interested to know the practical problems involved that make it impossible to find a fibre solution.

Good Morning John,

We have just finished the engineering work on a significant number of EO lines in Long Bennington. The work isn't yet complete in that you cannot place an order yet, but within the next 2 weeks, we will declare Cabinet 6 off Long Bennington as 'Live' At that point, it is worth checking your line again against the BT DSL Checker on our website.

Thanks Steve.

Hi Steve. The link below should take you to a screenshot of the results from the DSL checker. Any advice on what to do next?
Hello, is there any news on this?
Good Afternoon John

You are too far away to be able to benefit unfortunately. You may be eligible for the Phase 8 subsidised satellite solution which is now available for application. Please apply via our website

Kind regards
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