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Culverthorpe 601

I have just checked my internet speed which does not seemed to have improved I am on the culverthorpe exchange cabinet 601 this cabinet has never been mentioned in any updates for this area please explain ?

thank you in anticipation

Hi Gail

Apologies, we have had some issues with the forum recently and your post slipped under our radar until now. Unfortunately your cabinet is not part of the rollout at this stage. We are looking into another part of the programme but the plan for this has not yet been drawn up.

Have you considered alternative technologies? We have a universal service commitment to help the people of Lincolnshire achieve at least 2Mbps (which will probably increase) and the solution which will be applied will be Satellite broadband. The Satellite company Avonline currently have a deal available where installation and set-up is free. Satellite internet is a very good solution to poor broadband speeds and customers can sign up to packages with downloads speeds in excess of 20Mbps. Perhaps you could take advantage of this offer? There are longer latency times and data caps associated with this technology so please ensure you consider these aspects before ordering a service.

Apologies again for the delay in our response.

Kind regards

Good Morning Paul,

I read your comments with interest and thanks for sharing them with us.

I too have some serious reservations about the use of satellite, but at this point, it would appear to be the only option that BDUK/BT wish us to take.

Having said that, there are significant developments within industry at the moment in both fixed line and non-fixed line technologies and recent discussions with relevant bodies lead us to be more optimistic for the future than we were say 6 months ago. We will continue to look closely at these options and update as we progress.

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