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Am I connected direct to the exchange also RightMove issue

I live in NG34 7 (Church Lane ) I am a little concerned that I may be directly connected directly to the exchange so won't be able to get Fibre.

The map for phase 4 dosent seem to cover my exact location. Historically there used to be 2 lines into my property one was an old overhead that went in the direction of the exchange this was not used as the BT engineer said the one on the opposite side of the house was newer.

I think my nearest cabinet may be 100M away on the northern side of the Market Square outside the Greek Taverna, because the Church had objected at planing stage to a cabinet on their Boundary.

Is there anyway to find out if I am connected direct to the exchange or need to move, which leads to a 2nd issue.

On the Rightmove estate agents website the Check Broadband speed show all fibre enabled areas as up to 76 Mbps (expect for Virgin Cable as Ultra fast). This doesn't feel right they are all the same speeds quoted .
Good Morning Keith,

Thanks for taking time to write to us.

In order for me to fully check this enquiry, can you please provide your full address, landline number and postcode (In confidence) to my E Mail address below and I will look into it for you.

I'm also on an EO line off Sleaford exchange. I see that they have recently installed a cabinet at the exchange, and the guys working on it have said it is to pick up EO lines. Do you have any date for when this cabinet will be live and accepting orders?
Good Morning Matthew. We are trying for the end of this month, but I think mid-October looks more realistic at this point. As soon as it goes 'Live' we will update the website to reflect this. We normally update on Friday afternoons. Regards Steve
Hi Steve,

Is there any update on Sleaford cabinet 33?

Good Morning Matthew,

No further updates I'm afraid, but I will try to get a more realistic date when I meet with BT later this week.

Hi Stephen

Just seeing if there is any news on the EO cabinet in Sleaford, (33?)

It looks all complete but the dslchecker still only says ADSL2+
Good Morning Matthew,

BT are progressing this cabinet, but are still sticking to a late December finish. They are telling me they are lpooking to complete as much as possible before Xmas, so as we move into November, I will get a better idea of when we can expect a competion on this cabinet.

Hello Stephen,

Just looking for any further updates on Sleaford 33 (EO).
Hi Matthew,

Still waiting for an update. It might come later today and if so, we will publish.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for all your help so far. I wondered if there is any news on Sleaford's exchange only cabinet yet... it was due start of Dec but not showing as delayed or completed.

Good Morning Matthew

A number of EO cabinets have beem moved into January, but we are hoping to have all work in Sleaford completed by 31st January.

We will update the website as soon as this happens.

Hi Steve

Just wondered if there is any news on Sleaford 33.. haven't seen it on the delayed or completed lists and BT will only tell me that it is planned for sometime in the future!
Hi Matthew,

I will chase them up for the latest.

Hi Steve, any update on this at all?
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