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New College at the Showground

As I live near the new college being built on the Lincolnshire Showground site, will the associated infrastructure for broadband be upgraded as it didn't exist when the broadband roll out began?
I currently get less than 1MB and fear it will go eve slower once the college is connected. From previous information from onlincolnshire I'm not goIng to get superfast broadband, only basic. It is not only the speed, it is the number of "drop outs" I get (BT expect 5000 a week, I get that in 6 minutes as tested by their engineer) I think both the showground and I are on cabinet 97 in Lincoln.
Good Afternoon Nigel

Thanks for taking time to write to us.

With regard to the college and any possible upgrade; this wouldn't come via this project as we would expect a development of that size to have spoken with the main suppliers and sourced their own links.

We are aware of the problems with Cabinet No. 97 which was originally a part of BT's commercial rollout, but never fully upgraded. On that basis, we are currently working with BT to see what we may do to improve things for those still not benefitting from this cabinet. We are at the early stages of this planning activity so not in a position to give a clear response at this time, but we will as soon as we get a difinitive answer on this one.

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