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Brant Broughton - Fulbeck 3

The delays are becoming a bit frustrating. The original target was sometime between Jan-Jun 2015. Then it seemed it was definitely going to be July, then the end of July, then the first week in August, now the third week in August.
It was being reported that everything was going well - no specific problems. Now the update says: 'BT are chasing for light reading today' ? - Can you tell us what this means? What is a 'light reading', why is it BT (or is it Openreach?), Why do they have to chase for it and who are they chasing? - and if they get it 'today' - why does that mean the service doesn't become available today but only in another 2 weeks?
What confidence can we have in this new target if each of the many previous ones came to nothing - especially as there are no reported problems?
Thanks for any information you can give.
Alistair King
Good Morning Alistair,

The light reading is actually the fibre test results that they carry out at the commissioning phase of the job.
They have tested it and are awaiting the documented results from their contractor which should arrive within a couple of days.
With regard to the BT/Openreach question; our contract is with BT group but Openreach and their contractors actually execute the work. we refer to BT in our publications as it simplifies the message. I will get the latest from BT this week.

I have been informed today by a local resident who has talked to an Openreach engineer working on the Fulbeck 3 cabinet, that traffic control is required on the A17 to resolve an issue with the fibre to the exchange. If this is the case the number of dates which have been offered as to when this will be available is farcical. Considering the amount of public money being invested in BT’s infrastructure, the governance and communication between the contractors seems to severely lacking.
Good morning Andrew

I have spoken to our BT Team and the update still stands - this should be ready for service on Wednesday. It is all cabelled and is just waiting for jointing of the fibre. Two weeks after this new products should be available.

Kind regards

Thank you for your update. The engineer discussion was on Friday last week which seems at odds with your update, we can all but hope!
Kind regards
Hi I would appreciate it if you could confirm if this cabinet has been enabled today as promised.
Kind regards
Hi Andrew

We will recieve the updates later today

Kind regards

Hi Andrew

BT have informed us that the cabinet will go ready for service today. You should be able to order a new package in approx. 2 weeks.

Kind regards
Thanks for the update. Has this been missed from the weekly list as 21st August does not show it?
Kind regards
Hi Andrew

They only appear on the completed cabinet list when customers can order a service. As for the delayed cabinet updates, unfortunately BT have not provided them this week. We'll update this on Monday

Many thanks
I notice that the wording for this cabinet on the delayed cabinets list has today changed to:
'Fulbeck 3 – RFS - internet services providers should be offering services in 2 weeks time' - but it had previously given the date as August 19th - confirmed just a few days ago on this forum.
This means it will be ready either 2 September or 11 September if we add two weeks - depending on which date is correct.
The original date was 'first 6 months of 2015' - therefore at least 2 months late with no apparent problems. And towards the implementation the dates continuously slide out by the odd week or two.
I think part of the problem is that when wording appears on the 'delayed cabinet' list, it is not dated - and sometimes a weekly update sentence is added, sometimes not. So words like 'ready this Wednesday' only means something if you are monitoring the site on a daily basis. Then the whole lot disappears and is replaced. This can get very frustrating and gives the impression of smoke and mirrors where successive delays are essentially hidden.
Hello Alistair,

Apologies for the confusion I caused, Fulbeck 3 was listed in the data from BT as RFS so I added the message about availability in 2 weeks as this is the standard amount of time it takes; however if you have already been given a date that the cabinet went RFS then it will be 2 weeks from that time; so the original information you were given still stands.

Kind regards,

Owen Williams
I'm pleased to report that it appears our Brant Broughton cabinet, Fulbeck 3, now appears to be live - the 'FTTC' products are on the availability checker this morning.
Thanks to your team for keeping us informed (as well as possible), and my apologies if my tone has shown some frustration. This is really based on the sham that is UK broadband, and especially the word 'superfast' used to describe this rollout. Other places get 1 Gb and we call something like 10Mb 'superfast' - laughable (1Gb is 100 times faster).

However, my problems are not over. I have contacted my supplier BT this morning, and as I have been paying for 'Unlimited' broadband of up to 17 Mb for the last 2 years I thought now we might get something approaching that. But they say that to avail ourselves of the new capability (which will probably still give us less than 17Mb) we will have to upgrade to a new 'product' - which is nearly twice as expensive.

I despair at the way BT can get away with this. I have had countless problems with BT over the years. I suppose ultimately we can only blame the regulator for being so weak and ineffectual.
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