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Brant Broughton - Fulbeck 3

The delays are becoming a bit frustrating. The original target was sometime between Jan-Jun 2015. Then it seemed it was definitely going to be July, then the end of July, then the first week in August, now the third week in August.
It was being reported that everything was going well - no specific problems. Now the update says: 'BT are chasing for light reading today' ? - Can you tell us what this means? What is a 'light reading', why is it BT (or is it Openreach?), Why do they have to chase for it and who are they chasing? - and if they get it 'today' - why does that mean the service doesn't become available today but only in another 2 weeks?
What confidence can we have in this new target if each of the many previous ones came to nothing - especially as there are no reported problems?
Thanks for any information you can give.
Alistair King
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