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Denton, Lincs


Are you able to tell me when high speed broadband will be available to us in Denton please? At the moment it is worse than painfully slow. A cabinet was been installed at the end of our lane some time ago - not in the most sympathetic position I have to say - but as yet no improvement in speed at all.

Incidentally, I've just returned from a business trip to Estonia (not the world's richest country) and free public access to high speed broadband is usual in all public buildings, most hotels, on buses and trains etc etc - no passwords just instant access. They have done it - why can't we???

Peter Waite
Good afternoon Peter,

I believe your cabinet is Knipton 3 which is unfortunately delayed - please send in your full contact details to so that we can check this is your cabinet.

Our project updates page includes information relating to this cabinet

We publish information every Friday afternoon about delayed cabinets until they feature on our 'completed cabinet list.' Once the cabinet is enabled, you will be able to contact your internet service provider and order a faster product. Alternatively, please sign up to our fortnightly newsletter and we will then send the completed cabinet lists directly to your inbox

Kind regards

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