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Swinstead Fibre Connections?

Hi There,

I have lived in Swinstead for almost 10 years, being with BT for the whole duration of me living here. We have never been able to achieve a speed above 0.05mbps download.

Recently I have noticed engineers installing the fibre cables in our village, but I was wandering if there was some sort of ETA for the service to be available? I am aware we come off the Corby Glen Exchange.

Good Morning Josh,

Thanks for taking time to write to us.

We have just completed 2 x cabinets off Corby Glen Exchange with several more still to complete. In order for me to establish which cabinet you are fed from, can you please send me your full address, postcode and landline number (in confidence) to my E Mail address below. From there, I can look into it further and get back to you.

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