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Fibre at little Sutton cabinet 8 and speeds

When I contacted they released the phases for the area. I was told I was in phase 8.

I phoned BT in May/June 2015 to find out when little Sutton was getting fibre broadband but got no answer as to when this is happening.
I have checked cabinet 8 is enabled and accepting orders

I am about 100 meters from the cabinet which I am the fifth house from the cabinet. My phone sockets have been replaced by BT in the last two years.
Over the last year my speed has jumped from 3.5megs to 5.5/7.1megs.

Best regards
G Temple
Good Morning Gary,

Can you please send me your landline number, full address and postcode to my E Mail address below (in confidence) and I will look into this for you.

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