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Eagle and Eagle Moor

Could anyone please update me on the status of broadband/fibre in Eagle and Eagle Moore? Our internet in the village is barely fast enough to watch a youtube video!

Kind Regards

Good Morning Kevin,

Eagle itself is fed via Cabinet no. 1 off Swinderby Exchange. We are currently experiencing delays to the provision of the cable feeding into Eagle.
We have had to look at an alternative route due to duct problems and are trying to recover old cables in an effort to take away the need to provide 3Km of new duct.
Work is ongoing at the moment and we will update the website as we progress.


Thankyou for your fast response. Is there a date when this work will be finished?
Hi Kevin,

If we have any luck with the cable recovery, we would be looking towards the end of October. If we don't and then have to provide 3Km of duct, we will be looking at late December I would guess.

We will get weekly updates and we will post on this site.

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