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Lack of information - who can help

I live in Crowland and fibre to the cabinet is being rolled out.

Some cabinets were connected and went live some months ago but there is no information available about the timespan for the connection of the rest of the cabinets (my interest is in Cabinet 2).

Ive contacted Openreach and gave them the data about my cab etc and eventually received a reply which gave me the data about my cab etc - in other words what I had sent them!

Presumably there must be a programme for the roll out of the rest of the cabs - where can I find that info?
Good afternoon Paul

Thank you for your message. Crowland Cabinet 2 is due to be enabled in phase 7 of the project, before the end of December this year, subject to unforseen delays. When the cabinet is enabled we will publish this information on our project updates page (updated on Fridays.) If the cabinet becomes delayed, we will then be able to product weekly updates for you.

Kind regards
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