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Market Deeping - Cabinet 8


We have just moved into the area and wondered if you could give us a update on this cabinet? Is it included in this roll out and if so do you know when it is planned to be upgraded.


Good afternoon David,
Thank you for your message in relation to the programme.

Unfortunately this cabinet is not going to be enabled as part of the first project. You may benefit from the next project, Superfast Extension, but I see that quite a few properties fed from this cabinet have speeds of over 15Mbps, and it may not be an eligible cabinet.

Please keep an eye on our website for information about the second project.

Kind regards

The site is now showing that they are running the fibre to this cabinet. Can you please confirm if this is being done as part of the superfast extension now?

Kind Regards

Good Afternoon David,

Nothing has been agreed under the superfast extension as yet, so I can't understand why their site is saying this.
We expect to see the revised deployment plan for the superfast extension (Phase 2) shortly and will publish details as soon as we agree them with BT.

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