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BT Guaranteed Minimum Speed

I recently got BT Infinity 1 and the order confirmation stated my connection speed was estimated at 30 - 40 Mbps with a guaranteed minimum of 27 Mbps.

Does anyone know if this is a real guarantee, does it have consequence for BT if it is not met ?

Are others finding their guarantee met or missed ?

My download speed is currently 17Mbps. A BT Engineer has checked the line and said the best I will get is 22 Mbps, I will never get 27.

This is significantly less than expectation. After a long wait for faster broadband I am barely exceeding the top end of basic broadband.


I forgot an important word in my post 'minimum' guaranteed speed.

Having a bad day already, did not forget the 'minimum' in original post.
I just found this which explains it. Need to read it a few times to understand it and of course I have no idea of all the stats they use to arrive at their figure.
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