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Sibsey - Cabinet 4

I live in the PE22 0RJ area, and I am served by Sibsey Cabinet 4. A while back when I checked the cabinet was listed as 'coming soon' and after checking recently it swapped to 'under review.' I don't follow any of the updates here on the site, so I don't know what my stance with the cabinet is especially living so far away from it (1km+.)
Good Morning Joe,

Your postcode shows as 'No Build' under the current project, but is may well be included in the Phase 2 project.
At this point in time, we are remodelling Phase 2 and hope to finalise the deployment plan early in the New Year, at which point, we will have a much clearer view.

Any word on the changes to this build or phase 2 inclusion for this cabinet?
Good Morning Joe,

We did get an initial version of the Phase 2 model but we sent it back due to our being unhappy with a number of items. BT are currently rethinking Phase2 and we hope to see some progress towards the end of March.

Hey again Stephen, as far as I am aware my cabinet is still not included in Phase 2. Is there any updated information on this cabinet, or future updates to look out for?
Good Morning Joe

The Phase 2 plan that we have published is the first tranche of work. We hope to add in more areas with the additional funding that we have and will make further announcements as we get into late Summer.

Hey again Stephen. Sorry to keep bumping this thread, but I figured I would just keep checking in from time to time.

Is there anything in the pipeline, and what would be the future post Phase 2?

Cheers as ever, Joe.
Hi Joe

At this point you aren't included in Phase 2, but we have asked BT to remodel using additional funding. This exercise will complete on 12th October and at that point, we should have a much clearer view of what's planned.

Thanks for the update, always appreciated.
Hi again Stephen.

On the off chance I checked the BT website the other day to see if anything had changed, and sure enough it had. It says the current area is in scope to be to be upgraded to FTTP.

Immediately that sets off alarm bells, because I have a hard time believing FTTP would make its way to any of the properties around here.

Just looking for some clarity or further information.


- Joe
Good Morning Joe,

I'm not sure where BT would have got that information from. It isn't something we are aware of at this point, but we will check with them.

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