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Boston fast BB...NOT!

Why is it that the powers that be insist that it depends on how far you are from an exchange that regulates your BB speed? I live in Boston and the service here is totally fickle. I am one of the luckier ones and get between 12 & 16 Mbs. My son, also in Boston, gets approx. 5 Mbs on a good day, but just 200 meters from his address it drops to 512 Kbs. There is one address, listed on a BT speed survey, just 400 meters from the exchange that never gets 1 Mb. I live nearly 1 mile away and mine seems to be much faster. If they can not guarantee a steady, faster broadband connection then why bother. We need a good speed, not just in Boston but all over the county. By the time we have this, however, technology would have moved on and we will be once more left behind. Typical!
i live in Wyberton, just south of Boston, and my line runs all the way back to the exchange in Boston. hence i only get 1-2mbps, and thats after using cat5 cable for all the telecoms links and tweking the modem settings. strangely my neighbour 25ft away gets a much better speed, generally 2.5mbps, whithout tweaks and a few sky boxes on flat telephone extension cables.

ive had BT out numerous times over the years, and they just wont do some work on my line to clean it up, as it sounds clear to them. the only suggestion one engineer made, but wasnt prepared to do, was to swap my line to another pair.
as for your sons and other peoples BB problems. ask the admin to pass on my email to you. i have several years experience in squeezing the most out of any BB connection, and i dont charge PC world rates either. also any computer problems in general i can generally fix.

so far best increase ive managed on a Boston line was 3.5mbps to 5.5mbps, and it also stopped random outages they were getting.
There's also some advice and guidance on this site too as to how you may be able to improve your broadband speed - it's at :

(you might have to cut and paste this link to get there!)

Hope this helps

Re: Adam kay:

This seems to be just a fishing trip for business.
Personally I do not need this type of help as I assemble my own computers and install required software, all updated regularly. I give my own help to others freely and help, without charge, with any problems relating to IT and BB.

Re: John Owens.

The link quoted gives too general advice and such advice is something that should have been read prior to setting up any form of IT on BB. Again I re-iterate that I give any assistance with such problems freely, without gain or reward. If you don't understand something to start out with, ask someone who does.

This thread was originally started with a view to giving more pressure on those who promise the earth but give nothing. A country-wide fibre optic system is what is required if we are to keep up with the rest of the modern world and not the crap system of copper wiring we have now.

Remember, if it isn't broken - don't mend it.
But in politi-speak --- If it isn't broken, mend it until it is!

Re: Barry

i work in IT, and have done for 12+ years. ive been using computers in general for 30 years. but you obviously have enough skills to sort out your BB problems yourself.

p.s. i have provided my neighbours with lots of free tech. but in this comercial world i dont see why i need to extend that to the rest of Boston.
Re: Adam Kay.

This post was in line with the forum guide lines. That is to say a discussion venue regarding broadband in general and NOT to ply for business. I understand that the powers that be will be in touch very soon.
Naughty boy.

There is a catagory on our Forum called 'Supplier's News' where people in business regarding broadband can post their comments. This is for them to 'ply for business' or to let others know what options are out there for them. It is very helpful for communities who are looking for options for their area.

I trust this helps to clarify things.

im not in "business". i just do the odd job for bear money.
wasnt plying.
re: Barry

bored now.

this is half the problem. you dont get something for nothing. BT aint gonna do diddly round here because most people are on either LLU or too oblivious to what speed there getting anyway.
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