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Swinderby cabinet 1

The latest update week ending 27/11 for Swinderby 1 cabinet advises the same as the previous week, ie “ estimated completion date 25/11”.Has the cabinet been completed- and does that mean the same as “ enabled” ?
There is no indication from any ISPs that they are now accepting orders for updating, and there is no increase in download speed, in fact many more locals are now experiencing downloads speeds of less than 0.5 mbps. Is this a common and temporary blip at this stage?
Should users expect to simply see a sudden increase in download speeds without the user having to take any action?, but then be prepared to seek an appropriate package from their ISP should they want even higher speeds ?
Good Afternoon Norman,

We will get the latest from BT on Thursday and publish accordingly. As soon as the cabinet is ready to take orders, we will update the website via our Friday afternoon updates.

In order to see better speeds, the end user will need to get a new agreement from their ISP.

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