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three unfulfilled dates

Have been waiting to get switched on since moving.. given three separate dates 31/12, 4th and 11th. apparent software failure! no fibre optic yet, so simple switch on for standard BB. Sent email to CEO today and had reply already, instructed senior team to resolve issue as I'm registered disabled and it's a lifeline and necessity these days. hopefully this will get a result! Told them Virgin were far better with customer service, our previous isp.

hopefully fibre optic will arrive eventually in Tattershall bridge! any news on when that will come?
Good Afternoon Richard,

Can you please provide your full address, landline number and postcode (in confidence), to my E Mail address below.

This will allow me to look more closely at your enquiry.

Hello Steve,
sorry I wasn't able to reply sooner.
The exec team at chairman's office has been in regular contact and are trying to resolve the issues about my order. Apparently BT Wholesales are telling them it seems to be a capacity issue which is probably affecting other people, so that orders are not going through to Openreach.
I sent the office a time line of all my texts, order numbers etc which I've received from BT, so they can see the fiasco it's been....till this week no one was able to explain what the issues were.

I will send email to your address with my details.
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