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Dowsby cabinet 602

Was informed we should have been fibre connected to cabinet 602 by December 2015 latest, but still not connected. Any news when we will be connected - post code PE10 0TG
Good Afternoon Alan,

Dowsby 602 is currently under review due to excessive build costs. We are looking at how we can provide an alternative route that is far less expensive and we are awaiting the results of that survey/analysis.

As soon as we get something, we will publish an update.


a large amount of money has greatly been spent to upgrade the cables/fibre to our properties, so surly it makes sense to spend extra on the cabinet 602 upgrade and recoup money from our connections?


Good Morning Alan,

We believe we have a solution following a survey and I am awaiting a formal responmse from BT.
As soon as we know, we will update the website.

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