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Sudbrooke, Cabinet 5 - Poor fibre speeds


I believe our fibre is being fed by cabinet 5, we live in the Fox Covert part of Sudbrooke, LN2 2BN.
There are people living literally a stones throw from our house between us and the cabinet (If that is cabinet 5) and they are achieving speeds of over double ours.
We can achieve speeds of 15/16mbps.

Are there any future works planned? What can be done about this? - Why does ours appear soo bad in comparison?


Good Morning Aaron,

We do not currently have any plans to upgrade this particular cabinet.If you are getting the speeds you suggest, then it is likely that this cabinet would be well down the list of those requiring upgrades, given the numbers of cabinets that are still well below the Government Universal Service Commitment of 2Mb/s.

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