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Billinghay or Coningsby cabinets?

Please could you tell me if there are any capacity issues with either Billinghay 3 or Coningsby cabinets? I have now had 8 failed orders (yes, EIGHT!) since December and been told by BT Exec Customer Complaints team who are in touch with BT Wholesales and they seem to be saying it is capacity issues, yet the BT checker is saying Available for my line! (LN4 4JL) I am just not getting any real answers! Dont know if it is an internal BT problem or what.

Because of these order failures I have been wondering whether to order with another provider but dont want to find myself stuck again with having an order unfulfilled due to capacity, though i now have nothing to lose and it would also probably be cheaper !!
I am still unclear which cabinet I am on.
Thanks for any help!
Good Morning Richard,

We do have capacity issues with Billinghay 2 & 3 and Coningsby 2.

Having checked your details, you are showing as being fed from Billinghay 3, but I stick with my original view that you are located too far away from the cabinet and that this is the real issue as opposed to capacity.

As of today I an even more confused by the info online!...BT BB checker now says im on Coningsby 3 cabinet, yet before it has said Billinghay, and on your message to me as above you said I was on Billinghay 3, but with capacity issues on 2 & 3 and Cby 2.
So what is the situation now with Cby 3,,,?

Which Cabinet am i actually on, and why is it they STILL cant reconnect the standard bb on copper when the previous owners had BB? It is now 3 months since my first order went in.
Good Morning Richard

We can only go with what BT's DSL Checker states. We have no further details beyond that at this time.
I do know that we have capacity issues on those three cabinets, but again, until BT confirm an actual date for sorting out the issue, we don't know.
I'm sorry if that sounds rather vague, but we are pressing them as hard as possible to try to resolve capacity problems.

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