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I only have 70 years to live any danger of phase 2 news b4 I die

Dear Onlincolnshire, for most of my adult life you have been promising news on Phase 2. Yet it never comes. EVER. Months slip by...and "we should have news next month" or "we sent it back to BT". I am begining to think phase 2 is like the loch ness monster..people claim to have seen it...know about it....but it never EVER arrives. For the love of god when will you kick BT up the *s* and get some d*m news on phase 2 for thousands of people suffering on less than 1mb for YEARS now. Its no longer funny. YOUR PAYING BT MILLIONS, GET A D*M TIMETABLE PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING.
Good Morning,

We have previously received a draft of Phase 2 from BT, but we sent it back to them. We were not happy with certain elements of the plan which we felt did not deliver value for money in some cases and in other cases, the planned build wasn't where we would have wanted it.

I guess we could have just accepted anything they threw at us for the sake of making an announcement, but because we are committed to getting the best result for our money, we decided to send it back. I appreciate this has delayed our announcing Phase 2, but we will start on the contracted start date of 1st April and we will finish sooner than then completion date of 31st December.

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