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A153...fibre laid 5 years ago?......

Today i was told by my neighbours that fibre was laid 5 years ago along the A153 near Tattershall Bridge area...yet BT have failed to switch me on even with copper to a basic BB service. Is it true that fibre was laid that long ago? The neighbours are due to be upgraded next month, yet only to 11mbps. Are other properties along the A153 between Tattershall & Billinghay on fibre yet?
Good Morning Richard,

I really wouldn't know if fibre was laid along the A153 that long ago. Should it exist, it could have been provided by BT, Virgin or any other number of providers and may not necessarily be available for local use.
With regard to what others are getting, I can only work to postcode data which is how we get our information from BT.

Hi the work that was done five years ago was if I recall correctly was actually a new connection to the pit at the top of Tattershall Bridge and was copper. Phase two will hopefully sort our woes out up here but this has been dragging on for a long time so don't hold your breath.
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