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what does this mean?

on the BT checker for my phone number it says:
"There are no left in jumpers available on this line. This line is on a Market B Exchange"

what does this mean?
it is now 4 months since my first order, 3 months since we moved in and I've been told an engineer is booked for 22 March, yet MYBT doesn't confirm this.

I am now awaiting further contact with the Exec Complaints team! but if you can shed light on the above technical question that would be helpful, but whether the checker details are up to date is questionable. BT and Openreach are #*+p
Good Morning Richard,

The reference to jumpers relates to physical wiring in the infrastructure and the Market B reference is a classification of the local Exchange. Neither of these will affect your order which hopefully, is being progressed such that an engineer does arrive tomorrow.

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