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Three months of Total and utter fiasco in LN4.....

well what do you know....after three months of waiting to get connected with basic BB (after moving to a house where the previous owners had had BB) and with emailing and phone calls to and from BT Executive Office Complaints, they just called to say that the 2nd engineer booking failed to go onto their work schedule for today even tho I had a text yesterday confirming todays visit.
ExecTeam Complaints have now taken it to senior level at Openreach. Think i deserve at least a years free service when (IF} they connect us!
While the exec team have tried their best to sort it out the whole BT/Openreach organisation and systems seem to be wholly incompetent.
How many other people have had such a bad experience with BT? Surely the Openreach monopoly needs to be broken up!!!
It does and should have been years ago. I am on Langrick cabinet 4 and can not do my banking on line most of the time because the page times out it is so slow.
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