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Bourne Cabinet 18

Those of you who are unlucky enough to be served by the dreaded cabinet 18 of Bourne, will know that our internet is far from being sufficient in a time of such high technological needs.

The cabinet itself, has been upgraded for nearly 18 months now, and still, consumers are not receiving the benefits of Fibre.

The 'estimated availability date' is the END OF MARCH 2017 - a full 30 months AFTER the cabinet was initially upgraded to Fibre.

Please, can we get this cabinet OFF of BT, or at least have the project moved forwards.

BT brush off all requests regarding this cabinet, (no matter how you contact them), and simply reply with "It's under review, and will be complete by March '17 at the latest".

The cabinet serves a very modern area of Elsea Park in Bourne, and is a driving force behind at least 4 families LEAVING the area.

What can we do to get this moving more? I'm aware of a Twitter account and social media campaign that is already underway (not by myself).
Good Morning Oliver

This cabinet forms a part of BT's commercial rollout and therefore sits outside of the scope of this programme.

I can only suggest that you canvass BT and ask them to move it along.

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