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Contract 2

Are there any plans for contract 2 to introduce any new cabinets? At the moment, the cabinet I'm connected to is located in the neighbouring village and due the line length, download speeds didn't really improve any from ADSL (basically an extra 4 Mbps.).

Currently, when I enter my post code into the checker it's says we're not included in contract 2. When I read the Contract 2 page, it claims more post codes are being added as time goes on.

To get an idea whether my village could be included or not, I was just wondering whether this contract included new VDSL2 cabinets where there aren't any existing PCP cabinets in place?

Good afternoon Terry,

Thank you for your message in relation to the programme.

At present we are in the planning phase for the contract two works. Once this phase is completed we will be able to look at the remaining intervention area and at adding more areas.

If any further upgrades are made, we will ensure that we provide a benefit to the largest possible amount of Lincolnshire businesses and residents. We will aim to use all methods and technologies available to us to improve speeds so, if a way forward is agreed with BT, this could include the build of new cabinets.

Once we have any more information we will share this on our website

Kind regards
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