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Spalding Cabinet 29

Can someone inform me when this cabinet will be connected to fibre.
The majority of Weston Hills on Moulton exchange (01406)numbers now have fibre, but the Austendyke road end still have STD broadband with no update as to when this part of the village is to be upgraded .
I was originally told by onlincolnshire that it would be completed by March this year !!!!
Good Morning Andrew

This cabinet has been upgraded,m but given the distance that you are located form the cabinet, the benefits you will get are minimal.

Hi Stehen,

Thank you for replying, so basically you are saying that the Austendyke end of Weston Hills are not going to be upgraded as we have no cabinet this end of the village.?

I have posted on your general discussions forum with regards siting another fibre box along Austendyke road. The old phone box location outside 62 that was removed some years ago still has the cables in the ground for utilities(power) and its dedicated pole that could be re-utilised for distributing to this end of the village.

Maybe this could be discussed with BT as to its viability ?
Hi Andrew,

Would you be able to email onlincolnshire directly in relation to this? It may be that your address features in contract two but we cannot check this without full details. Please email

Kind regards
Hi Naomi,

I have emailed you my details.
Andrew Delay
Can anyone update the situation and progress if any to the proposed upgrade of this end of Weston Hills.
News seems to have dried up , I thought we were to be included in phase 2 can anyone confirm or deny this ?
This is now getting beyond a joke for the northern end of this village !!!
Good Morning Andrew,

Phase 2 is due to complete on 31st September 2017 and Weston Hills is in the latter half of the Phase 2 deployment. We will have a more specific date as we move into the New Year.


I have recently moved to the top of Weston Hills. Can anyone from onlincs confirm that phase 2 is on track?

Good Morning Ben,

We are currently running to schedule.

Can you please confirm that the northern end of Weston Hills will be upgraded by the end of September as i have yet to see or hear of anything actually happening on the ground. It is getting to the point where the internet down here is useless for most things the internet should be used for, the current ADSL service is nowhere near as fast as it used to be and i am sick of spending my time ringing up Sky to complain about it. Would it also be possible to enlighten us as to what is actually going to be done, i hear rumours of a new cabinet being provided and FTTC running from there?
Yours in hope and increasingly desperate desperation
This has just pop up on that I check every day in the hope of some news.. not quite sure where No2 is, if its near the crossroad it would make sense..


Install 13m of 2 poly ducts in Verge,Provide 1 Cabinet and base (NGA cabinets) Install 12 of 1 way power duct in Verge,Install 1m of 1 way power duct in Footway,Install 7m of 1 way power duct in Carriageway,Performing an 1excavation to expose existing power cable in Verge

Is this what we've all been waiting for, can anyone confirm?
Good Morning Allan,

The work you describe is for the provision of the new upgraded cabinet and the associated power connection.

When will the new cabinet 60 be up and running please.
Good Afternoon Dave,

I have a completion date of 30th September, but we will, if possible, complete sooner.
As soon as it goes 'Live' we will announce on this website.

Can someone from onlinc confirm if the speeds will be increased as a result of cabinet 60? The net is absolutely shocking again this morning.
Assuming you are connected to Cabinet 60 and assuming you are within a certain distance of the cabinet, then yes, you will see an upgrade in speed.

What type of upgrade in speed will not be clear until the work is completed.

Hello Stephen
How would i find out whether or not i am connected to Cabinet 60?
Hi Michael,

you can check by entering your details into BT's DSL Checker. This will tell you which cabinet you are currently connected to. I have added a link below.

Any update on how long this would take still? 30th September has been and gone...
I guess Brexit will be finalised and the Bitcoin bubble burst before BT get thier act together and complete this cabinet.
Looks like all the fibre is in and the poles have been upgraded from Cabinet 29.. however I have a query, I (Austendyke end of Mallard Road) am on the package formerly known as Infinity (up to 38mbps) but still currently get 7 (with a crappy 200-500kbps upload). Will my speed automatically improve when this system goes live or will I have to pay more for a Fibre To The Pole service? Personally, I think that if your package is advertised as UP TO a certain amount, then this should be graced when the line is upgraded.... correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks. Steve G.
Good Morning Steven
To move from your current package to a Fibre To The Premises package you will need to speak with your internet provider and request an upgrade. I would be pretty sure there will be a change in cost.

I do accept that the 'up to' wording on broadband packages is a bit naughty and they really should be quoting a price based upon actual, but unfortunately, Ofcom are currently happy to allow this.

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