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Cabinet 78 - Boston

Hi all,

So I'm part of the disgruntled Crafton Lane area on the new Broadgate estate in Boston.

We are connected to cabinet 78 but whenever we check to see if we can get fibre we are told that we are connected to cabinet 69 and can get it. Upon ordering, the Openreach engineer comes out and knows before he even enters our homes that we can't get fibre and that our actual routing differs to that on the Openreach website...

This is so frustrating and BT must have spent a lot of money paying these engineers to come out for no reason!

Will it also affect any planned upgrades? As surely there's less connections showing on cabinet 69 therefore not being 'feasible' to upgrade?

Anybody else with this issue? My broadband is slowly getting worse and I'm now at 0.5mb/s speed, with Sky stating that the average for my area is 0.9mb/s. This is horrific! I now rely on a 4G connection along with my landline as I can't do anything on the landline.

I've seen there was a Twitter page created for our cabinet ( on 1st July 2015.

Will we ever be in the plans? Or should we look to move?!

Good Morning Thomas,

I have passed this to Openreach for them to look into it.

Any updates on this? I'm still showing as the incorrect cabinet. My neighbout number 7 is however showing on the correct cabinet.

Nobody seems to answer my emails anymore =')
Good Morning Thomas,

No response as yet, but I am meeting with them this morning so will raise the issues again.

Any updates please? It still says we can get fibre when we can't! :-(

My adsl speed is 0.9mb..
It seems we aren't even included on the new phase! Does that mean no fibre until after 2019?

Hey there, I've moved in to Harrow Place at the start of may just down the road from Thomas and am also connected to cabinet 78. I too have had to deal with 0.4-0.5mb internet and after having 2 BT engineers out they have both said that I'm lucky to even have broadband and the only reason I do is because it's a new build and the cables are new and that technically cabinet 78 doesn't exist.

I have however seen a few BT vans around lately and the walkways have been dug up around this area but unsure if these are connected. The Openreach Twitter keeps telling me to check their website which still says exploring solutions and they're not much more help.

I was just wondering if anything new has been mentioned in your meetings with BT yet? The sky engineer who came out to me said the only way to get better speeds around here would be for BT to install a new exchange and connect us to the cabinet down Rosebery Avenue which is the other side of the houses.

Again I'm just curious whether anything has been mentioned yet? Thanks
So from what I can see these weren't connected...however still waiting to hear if anything news been mentioned? Thanks
I am down Harrow place too. Was told by Sky engineer that we have to wait but no idea how long or what we are waiting for. I was promised at least 2.4meg. Actual speed is 595kb. Someone should be pushing Openreach as its not fit for purpose.
I have had Openreach out today, still got to wait. This is pathetic.
Still no news yet?

It's just getting increasingly frustrating as I was under the impression from broadband checker sites etc before I moved here that I'd have usable internet....i suffer from anxiety, depression and deafness in both ears and the internet is the only way I feel safe to connect with people and services, but it feels like an uphill battle.

I know it sounds pathetic and an excuse but it's the only way I can connect with the outside world and if anything my state of mind is deteriorating since moving here as the only way I can communicate to see what help and services I can receive is via the phone which is a huge struggle considering the broadband is next to useless. I'm using my entire 5gb phone data allowance a month just to access the internet to try and get support.

I don't expect anything to be rushed through as it's BT and it's pointless even trying to talk to them about what's happening....all I'm asking for is some news from somewhere, just something positive to try and help out my mind at ease...

Good Morning Kieron

Can you please send me your full address and postcode (in confidence) to my e mail address below. I can then give you a clearer view of what is happening.

It's ridiculous Kieron... They just ignore my emails now.

I've resorted to paying 50£ a month for 4G internet - which I am using the entire data limit within 8 days.

Pathetic tbh.
Apologies for the late reply but you're right Thomas, Its disgusting. Mr Brookes has said that it's down to the developer so I've sent Broadgate an email, if that doesn't help then I guess I'll have to visit the sales office on the opposite side of the road and hope they can get in touch with someone that can help.

It's doing my mental health no good and I'm using all 5gb of my mobile data so quickly. And they've applied for planning for 400 more houses right next to our 2 developments without sorting this out first
We are now in planning stages according to Openreach!
UNBELIEVABLE JEFF!!! 6 MONTHS AFTER MOVING IN AND WE GET SOMEWHERE!! Maybe we will have usable net by the new F1 season next year so I can stream it on sky! I can rest much easier now knowing something is happening
Fantastic news!! How long are we thinking?!
According to openreachs website theyre fitting a new fibre cabinet and laying the fibre cables so in the next few months
Cabinet has been installed!!!
I kept driving past it while they were putting it in the ground just to be sure i wasnt dreaming hah...but hopefully it wont be too much longer before my speed goes from 600kb/s to 601kb/s. I wonder if anybody knows if we would get a temp discount from our isp when we switch to fibre to try and make up for what weve had to struggle with for the last god knows how many months?
Ok so after a year moving in it turns out fibre has finally arrived at cabinet 78....

.....yep not for us down Harrow Place...ive just checked the openreach fibre progress site and been greeted with this:
Your cabinet is enabled for Superfast fibre however you're not able to order fibre just yet.
This might be because the length of the line is too long to get Superfast speeds. We're actively looking at other options.

Any idea how much longer their “active searching” is going to last? We’re still stuck with 0.6mb internet here and now we are literally surrounded by people with fibre...houses to the right of us have 100mb+, the houses to the left and bottom of us have new fibre from this activation....

Annoyed is an understatement right now
Nightmare!! I'm still on the wrong cabinet on their system!
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