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RAF Cranwell

Apologies if this has been asked before, but I couldn't get the Search function to play ball.

I am on an Exchange Only line direct from the exchange on RAF Cranwell. All of the cabinets in the surrounding area have been upgraded to FTTC as I understand it.

I had understood previously that there might be difficulties with upgrading EOL lines from this exchange owing to it sitting inside the RAF compound, but am hoping that this doesn't mean that I and other affected residents in the area will be forever stuck on the second-class broadband service.

Any update would be appreciated.
Good Morning Steve

Can you please forward me your postcode and this will allow me to give you a more accurate response.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your response.

Postcode is NG34 8EY.


Good Morning Steve,

Thanks for sending the postcode.

Unfortunately, your postcode doesn't appear in our current plans, but we are still looking at using surplus funding to push fibre broadband further out. We hope to have more news on this by the end of this year.

Thanks for the reply Steve,

Fingers crossed we won't get forgotten. Hopefully the RAF will give permission for a new cabinet to be installed inside or outside the exchange building that could take the Exchange Only lines, or perhaps re-route those lines to an alternative street cabinet. It's not like we are 'further out' in distance.

It's almost ironic that being situated close to an Exchange was a boon for connectivity at one point in time, and now it's seen as a hindrance.

I will check back again in the new year if I've not heard anything.

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