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Stickney 3 (Stickford) BT reports not worth Connecting.

We have a brand new shiney cabinet a the end of church road, Stickford, BT residential have done a card drop inviting people to sign up, the people I know and myself are being told on ringing BT that there is no advantage to it!!!!.

This does not make technical sense, at 3 miles from the exchange at Stickney I am 1.9 - 2.5 download and only .3 upload, this new box which the engineers onsite told me was fibre enabled is only 100 yards from my house. If it is no advantage to me at this distance why has it been installed. This cannot be right, - can someone please tell me what is going on, I use this for business and residential and have lost a lot of work because of the poor upload speed.

thank you,
Good Morning Harold,

Thanks very much for getting in touch.

That does sound like a rather odd comment from BT.

Can you please send me your full address and postcode (in confidence) to me E Mail below and I will check it out for you.

As another member of the Stickford community I am very interested in this. By happy coincidence, I just registered here to ask Stephen to look into this matter on my behalf as I am getting nowhere with the Openreach team.

To be honest, I feel more than a little let down by Openreach. I moved to Stickford two years ago. Having a growing family, broadband speed is hugely important to us and I realised that the property didn't have the greatest connection before we bought. However, I was assured by BT that FTTC was indeed planned for Cabinet 3 in Stickney, which serves the Stickford community, and that soon we would be able to take advantage of the greatly improved connection speeds this would provide. On this basis, we happily committed to buying this property. However, the proposed upgrade date came and went and we were told that FTTC was postponed because there was 'not enough traffic' to the cabinet to warrant the upgrade. Traffic measurements should not be a surprise to Openreach, this sort of data must be known prior to an upgrade and therefore Openreach MUST know which cabinets up and down the country will be upgraded as part of the rollout plans. After much bitter complaining to BT on my part, and the wide condemnation of BT from MPs in the national media, the cabinet was eventually upgraded to fibre at the tail end of last year as part of the further rollout phases Openreach announced. However, most of us in Stickford still cannot order VDSL because we are told the length of copper between us and the cabinet prevents us from doing so (it’s too long). This is an absolute joke!! The distance between our properties and the cabinet must also be data that Openreach are privy to and therefore I surmise that, again, they know exactly who will be able to benefit from FTTC and who cannot before they perform any sort of upgrade. This means that the advice BT gave me, that we would benefit from FTTC at our property, was a complete fabrication and they (Openreach) must have had data that could prove this.

To further compound matters, I have noticed by trawling the list of properties that share my postal code on the Openreach fibre checker utility, some of my neighbours, at the top of Fen Road near the A16, roughly 100-200m away ARE able to order fibre enabled broadband (Infinity). Whilst I realise that the VDSL signal drops off more sharply than an ADSL signal, surely we could benefit from the package BT term 'Unlimited Faster Broadband' (i.e. fibre enabled broadband that falls below the 15mbps minimum that allow BT to sell the package as 'BT Inifnity')? As Harold mentions, our download speeds are currently between 2 and 3 mbps so any modest improvement would mean a great deal to us.

I have emailed the Openreach team on no less than two occasions, chasing an explanation on why some of my near neighbours can order Infinity whilst my property remains unable to order. On both occasions the enquiry has been passed to an ‘internal team’ or ‘relevant team’ only to have no further communication despite me chasing and asking for updates. It was with the above story that I intended to contact you Stephen, seeing how helpful you had been to other customers around the county, only to find a topic already posted on the Stickford saga. It would seem I am not alone in my condemnation of Openreach for the way they seem to be treating Stickford’s residents. Learning that there is a new fibre enabled cabinet at Church Road, just seems to be the icing in the cake!

Kind Regards,

Broadband provision in Stickford is a public scandal.

More than ten years ago, I was asking for high speed broadband be provided to Stickford residents.
About 9 years ago, I wrote to Peter Luff MP when he was chairman of the Parliamentary Broadband Committee. At the time he said that he could not see a need for more than 2 megabits/sec (The BT mantra at the time) so I wrote a paper that is now in the House of Commons library that shows the need for much faster speeds. (e.g. in the USA, some City councils are providing 2 gigabit speeds to their residents as a public service.)

Several years ago, LCC CEO Tony McArdle, assured me (via his project manager) that the Stickney exchange would "soon" be upgraded to Fibre - so I waited. Then we had the "Oops 1" moment - Openreach did not upgrade Cabinet 3 because someone decided there were "too few residents". After more emails, the LCC decided to provide special taxpayer funding to upgrade Cabinet 3.
Then we had the current status of "oops 2": "Cabinet 3 has been upgraded but you are too far away."

Now it is the case that:
1: The 2.7 mile distance between my house and the Stickney exchange has not changed since the Stickney exchange was installed more than 20 years ago.
2: Engineers have known the rate of signal loss over fibre for at least 10 years. E.G. To get 30 Megabits/sec plus you have to be less than 1Km from the signal source.

This is not rocket science - it is just physics and mathematics that any competent engineer will know.

So, whilst some administrators in BT/Openreach have continued to receive taxpayers money we have had years of delays & false promises.
This is a public scandal!

Spin and promises by bean counters is no substitute for competent engineers and proper project management.

The good news is that there is a temporary fix.
I now get 35 megabits/second+ via Vodafone's 4G service which is excellent in Stickford.
Last year, I tested it in the Community Centre and saw a similar speed.
Let me know if you need any help on setting this up.
Ken Evans
Fen Road
Thanks Stephen, Ian and Ken.

This is actually more unbelievable. The cabinet is a the Main Road end of the church road, I am the other side of the road, must be one the closes four properties, assuming the cables go direct about 100meters. My nephew in Cole Lane and his neighbour have also been told there would be no advantage in changing. I have two BT business lines each with broadband as I used to do legitamate work for a record company and it would take all night to upload an audio CD for pressing, and movies for streaming. I was desparate for the bandwith. This was so impractical and a major contract went down to a firm at Chertsey as they could do it quicker. In many ways this is too late coming.

I havn't been notified by BT Business about the cabinet going live, I even spoke to the engineers on site to keep progress as I have been desparate for better speeds. The first official notification I was aware of was the BT home customer flyer. I rang that number and they told me I would not benefit from a new connection at 100m from the cabinet, instead of my current 3 miles from the exchange!!. BT business could not offer me anything better. I rang Talk Talk whom I used to be with they tell me that as soon as they receive their allocation on that cabinet I can move to them but I have to keep ringing them to find if it is enabled for them. I am also desparate to review my telephone suppliers as my BT business account is now nearly twice what is was three years ago £178 pm for two lines, two broadband and a mobile + caller display etc, but darn't not move in case this FTTC becomes available and I am stiched out by an new contract.

I spoke to an openreach engineer in the village a few days back, he says I should be able to get up to 70mb download and can't understand what the issue is, I suspect poor information or incompetant telephone staff at BT.


Hi Harold,

This is perplexing indeed. Using this website (, what Cabinet are you connected to? I assume it's Cabinet 3 Stickney (hence the title of your topic). If so, what on earth is the new cabinet at the end of Church Road for? I am hoping Stephen will be able to shed some light on this with his Openreach contacts.......

Incidentally, one of the primary reasons I really needed a faster broadband connection when I moved to Stickney was that I did a reasonable amount of working from home, for a company located in Chertsey!! It's a small world Harold but rest assured the company I worked for was not in the record business!

Hi Ian,

I think this is getting close to the problem, and awaiting to hear from Stephen. However I understood somewhere the we are connected to cabinet 3, according to openreach Cabinet 3 Stickney is indeed in Stickney, Not Stickford.

However our road is being listed on P3

and says FTTC Available from 16th November 2016,

But interestingly some of those properties are near the cabinet at the end of West Fen Lane Stickney - about a mile and a half from Stickford.

What is also interesting is that our new cabinet is not shown on this map of cabinets on the stickney exhange dated 2017.

According to Openreach engineers I met at the cabinet it is enabled, BT have mailshotted their residential customers in Stickford but some are being advised it has no advantage in Cole Lane PE22 8EU (200 yards from the cabinet).

I think our new cabinet has slipped off the adminsitrative radar, and we are being rated from the cabinet and the end of West Fen Lane Stickney, as you say if so what is the new cabinet in Stickford about.

At this rate I can see myself following up Ken suggestion and seeing what I can do with vodaphone on 4G.

In summary I think that the new cabinet is Stickford is not on the radar and we are still being rated on the P3 cabinet at West Fen lane, Stickney 1.5 miles away which would have been our nearest cabinet.

However there is a P6 cabinet that should be live in November that has no location allocated to it, is that our mystery.

Cabinet P6 FTTC being Connected, live due by November 2016 Phase SEP Lincolnshire 16b Huawei


Hi Harold,

Yes the P6 cabinet does look intriguing, doesn't it? It was supposed to be live by November 2016 but by the looks of it, still hasn't been made live (at least according to the site). Coupled with the physical evidence of the newly placed cabinet, it's strange that nobody officially seems to know about it. Stephen, do you know what 'Phase SEP Lincolnshire 16b' refers to? Has it been and passed or still to come?

Good Morning Ian,

I do know what Phase SEP 16b refers to. It is a deployment phase for Phase 2 of the programme.
I have asked BT for the latest on the new cabinet and as soon as I get the response, I will update here.
One thing to be conscious of and that is that BT's copper infrastructure was built way before broadband came into existence. It was built with telephony only in mind and changing the whole physical infrastructure of an area is hugely expensive and not something that sits within the scope of this programme.

Good Morning

As promised, here's the latest.

P6 is a new cabinet that we are building and looking to position some of the existing infrasture into the new structure. This is known in the business as 'CuRE'.

Please see update from BT below. In simple terms, the cabinet will be completed within the next month or so and we will update our website as soon as it goes 'Live'. At that point, you can enter your postcode into the DSL Checker on this site and see what you can now get by way of an upgrade.

BT Comments - 'Yes we have Stickney 6 in the programme, but it needs a CuRe job –requires a new box to be built - CT are programming this in to their programme today. After the box is built, just the CuRe aspect to complete (a couple of days work) '


Hi All,

I thought I would make a post to let everyone know some recent news. Over the last few weeks, I have experienced lots of connection drops and subsequent speed issues with my connection. Despite several connection resets by my ISP, the problem eventually worsened and manifested in the loss of the dial tone on Monday. An Openreach engineer visited today. After a little investigation in the house, he told me the problem seemed to be 500m away, but looked a little puzzled with his results. I mentioned cabinet P6 to him, and the backstory above. He seemed a little surprised to hear this and went off in search of cabinet P6. After about an hour, he returned, having fixed the problem. Apparently our line now runs to cabinet P6 (despite the Openreach checker incorrectly still stating I'm connected to cabinet P3), and the issue was the type of connector in the cabinet. The engineer told me that there had been quite a few problems with this new type of connector and ours wasn't seated correctly. He said cabinet P6 had only just appeared on the database. He also mentioned that as far as he could see, the cabinet is ready to go - connected and fibre enabled. He thought it would only be a matter of a few weeks before we would be able to go ahead and order.

Could you confirm any of the above Steve?
Good Morning Ian,

Thanks very much for sharing this with me.

BT are rearranging the infrastructure to provide better broadband coverage. I am not surprised that the BT checker doesn't show the new routing of your line; I would normally expect the records to be updated at the time that BT declared the cabinet 'Live'.

I am assured that this is very close and few weeks does seem to tie in with what we know.

We will announce the cabinet 'Live' as soon as we are able and we normally do this on a Friday afternoon.

Hi Steve,

Hope you're well?

I wonder if you can provide us with an update as to the status of Stickney Cabinet P6 please? After some initial encouraging signs, the progress has halted at the activation stage of the fibre journey, whilst 'final quality checks' are made. It states that fibre will 'be available to your premises within the next month'. However, we have now been at this stage for 1 month with no signs of progress.

Many thanks,
Good Morning Ian,

I am well thanks and I trust I find you likewise.

I have sent the enquiry to BT and should get an answer later. as soon as it arrives, I will update this thread.

Good Morning Ian,

Please see response from BT.

The mail quotes two different cabs. Stickney 3 went live back I November but Stickney 6 requires live to live migration and this is planned for the 11/4. I expect the cab to go to CRFS within 2 weeks of this date.

The 'Live to Live Migration' they refer is a process where they upgrade cabinets that are already completed and 'Live'. In simple terms, they have to agree down time with all the internet providers off that cabinet to allow them to complete P6. That's scheduled for 11th April and around 2 weeks after that, it will be ready to take orders (CRFS).

Thanks for the update Steve. Knowing the proposed timetable allows me to manage my expectations!!
Hi Steve,
Do we have any updates on Stickney cabinet P6 going live yet or do we at least know if the 'live to live migration' was done and when. Looking around the forum most actions to do with openreach seem to complete weeks later than planned, so just trying to keep my expectations realistic.
Hi Rob,

The latest I have is that BT has completed all engineering work and are now putting their internal records right such that all internet providers can offer service.

Typically, it takes two weeks from that point for the cabinet to accept orders. As soon as it goes 'Live' we will announce it on this site.

Hi All,
Thought that you would like to know that I today (11 May), Vodafone accepted my order for their 76 megabit package.

They estimate that I will get 67 megabits/sec down and 20 megabits/sec up. Live date is scheduled for 30 May.

Thanks to Stephen.

Good Morning Ken,

That's great news and thank you very much for your patience.

All the Best
Hi Steve,

I had very much hoped that my next post on here would be to thank you very much for the stirling job you are doing and let you know that my fibre broadband was everything I expected and more. Alas, that is not to be. On Friday 19th May, my fibre service was meant to go live. However, due to a cabinet 'routing' issue, the engineer could not proceed with the connection. I have been in contact with my ISP, waiting for up to 20 mins at a time to speak to nonchalant technicians who fail to appear interested in obtaining more detailed information from Openreach. Way to go PLUSNET. I keep getting told to call back in 24 - 48 hours for an update. I am now fed up of doing this, so I am reaching out to you (again) to see if you can fill in the blanks that PlusNet cannot. Could you tell me exactly what the issue is, what is meant by a 'routing' issue and what sort of timeframe I can expect a resolution in?

Many thanks,

Good Morning Ian,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems. I have passed this to BT and will let you know what they come back with.

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