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Legbourne...End of the Line

Legbourne isn't in the second roll-out band of improved broadband connections and speeds.The current, not very useful , advice is that this doen't mean that it won't be in the future! For some reason that reminds of the old joke : "He brought up a family of five while waiting for directory inquiries....." . Is there any chance at all that this growing village , home to many small businesses and professional people, will get superfast broadband in the next year? My own speed here, tested yesterday, is less than 1 Mb . I am currently with Talk Talk who use BT lines. The superfast fibre ends on the outskirts of Cawthorpe, about one and a half miles away.
Good Morning Mike,

Legbourne is due to be upgraded under what we call a Change Control within the contract, hence the reason why it doesn't appear as a part of Phase 2 build. We will look to complete this work within the next 12 months if possible and will have more detail regarding a completion date as we move through the summer.
The reason it hasn't appeared in previous builds is because of the high cost of provision to that area.
Please do keep in touch and we will be happy to update you as we progress.

Hi Steve
Seeing as I'm less than 1 mile outside of Legbourne, albeit on a different exchange, would this be of any benefit to myself? Is it possible to swap an exchange and run a line an extra mile?
Good Morning Antony,

Historically, this is something BT will not entertain. Their view is that should they do it and incur the cost for one, they would set a precedent and have to do it for anyone that requested the same.

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