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Where I am is dreadful and no good connection Stixwould

I live just outside Stixwould and the internet is pretty much NIL! I have been hammering at my ISP and OpenReach. PlusNet have been brilliant, as have the BT engineers. Sadly the policies of BT OpenReach is not helpful. The system as it stands at present is set back in the last century. The present system states that BT is responsible to ensure you have a phone line and not Broadband. In this day and age that is ridiculous! Broadband is now an essential tool to enable us to live within the 21st Century. Is there any way we can push this so as we who cannot access can demand BT to get us online. To enable me to type this out I have to go to a friends house now as the broadband is more off than on!
I have asked my MP to contact BT so we await with bated breath. But we still need to get the system changed
Good Morning Tony

On a policy level, there is little that can be done to influence BT.

However, they will more than likely be fully signed up to the Universal Service Obligation (Minimum download of 10Mb/s) scenario by 2020. I appreciate that doesn't help now, so can you please send me your full address and postcode (in confidence) to my E Mail address below and I will see whether we have plans for you.


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