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Scremby/Skendleby exchange

I've had multiple enigineers out to sort problems out with the broadband here in Skendleby - and this engineer advised that the cabinet (no.4) on the Scremby exchange is all connected ready for Fibre optic. However, each time I call BT they say it isn't and will be available in four months time. This has been ongoing now for over two years!

The engineer has stated that it'sprobably due to the ducting being blocked and this is why homes havn't been connected. Can we get a deadline date for the possible ducting issue to be sorted and as to when we will be offered Infinity?

Many thanks
Good Morning,

BT inform me that the duct issue is now sorted out and thety are completing cabling to the new cabinet.
I am expecting completion within the next 4 weeks. as soon as the cabinet goes 'Live' we will update our website.

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